0 thoughts on “Vote for me!

  1. Go with the goatee, or maybe a soul patch…I’ve had a beard or goatee now for at least 30 years and I’d be lost without it.I did shave it once and my girlfriend (now wife) cried for a day. Strange. ;)~michaelm

  2. Beard!My husband wears a goatee 1/2 of the year. He starts growing it when it gets cold to keep his face warm. I’m sure you don’t have that problem. He shaved it one day and I didn’t even notice it. He had to tell me that he shaved for me to notice it.

  3. Beard! Actually, I feel like I have seen you around when I see you with the beard. This IS possible, because I live in Grand Cayman too, but at the same time, I notice that you look a lot like Commander Ryker of Star Trek Generations with the beard, and I have seen him a lot, so I can’t be sure that the similarity in looks is not the reason you seem familiar.

  4. Definitely diggin the goatee… On most guys I prefer clean-shaven, but on some guys a little facial hair just suits ’em… same is true for my boyfriend!Hey, is this a record for your comments (sheesh, don’t think I’ve ever even had double digits!)?? You da man! 🙂