Wailers! Great!

The Wailers Were Great! It was a good concert and everyone had a fantastic time!

I knew every song except the first two, and My Wife was wearing a T-Shirt with name of the second on it.
I give it a 9.9 out of 10, and if they had actual trumpets and saxophones instead if keyboard driven trumpets and saxophones, it would have been a perfect 10.
Here’s a video I took, the sound quality is pretty good!

We wanted to have a nice dinner before we went, but it seems like every restaurant downtown is closed, and we had to eat at Subway. Not what I had in mind..
We got home about 1 AM which is not too bad and overall it was a fantastic evening!

4 thoughts on “Wailers! Great!

  1. I seem to remember that band!Glad you had a nice time, even if dinner was only Subway.No, I wasn't cross about waiting for the baby.It was something else. More on that some time tomorrow (Monday)

  2. After hearing this little video, they aren't too bad. Don't think a steady diet of them would be good, but for a change, they're ok…debbie.

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