Boy, is my face red

Yesterday I whined about my computer giving problems, someone commented that maybe the date was way off, causing the certificates to seem invalid. “Sure!” I snortled laughingly. But lo and behold, I looked and it was exactly one month off. I must now repeat the somber ancient magic chant with increasing speed.

There, now my soul has been cleansed

My computer still won’t search for images using Google, I had to use Yahoo to find the image below:
Tonight THE WIFE and I and several other friends are going to see The Wailers. Sure do wish Bob Marley was still around. I’ll be wearing my Bob Marley T-Shirt anyway. I will probably be the only one wearing a Bob Marley T-Shirt.

Last night I was riding my bicycle home from a meeting and I encountered a body laying in a pool of blood on the road. He was laying all twisted up with a bicycle and my first thought was that he was hit by a car. But I couldn’t see any squished parts.

He was just beyond the crest of the hill, and the first car that came by would definitely hit him, because by the time a driver would be able to see him, it would already be too late to stop. I turned my bicycle around at the top of the hill so my little flashlight headlight was shining down the road, and I called 911 for an ambulance. I was still on the phone when the first car came speeding up, and I started wiggling my handlebars to shine the light so they would see us. I didn’t think they were gonna stop, and they definitely woulda run over my passed out dude had I not been there.

Finally after about 5 minutes and several cars later (none of which stopped to see if they could help), the guy started moving and trying to get up. His face was really messed up and there was a lot of blood.

About that time the police arrived, they came speeding up the road and I thought they were gonna hit us too.

The cops seemed to know the guy, and I left before the ambulance got there. Maybe I’ll see that guy around.

I am glad I was on my bicycle and not my car, because I would have been the one to run him over. You’d have a whole different post from me today if I had run a guy over in the car last night…

6 thoughts on “Boy, is my face red

  1. Thank God you were on your bicycle and were there to help him out, I hope he's only scratched and nothing very serious. I am so happy you were not hurt and were there at the right time to help out a stranger in need. I love you! Can't wait to see The Wailer with you tonight!

  2. good for you for stopping! I wish I knew the guys name that stopped when I was hit on my motorcycle. He left when the ambulance got there, he's the one that called for help. The lady that hit me didn't….she called her lawyer. You're my hero!

  3. You are a hero in my eyes too!!! Good on you for stopping and helping him and putting your own life at risk by standing there alerting the cars!….there should be more people like you in the world. xx

  4. Wow! What an experience that must have been! Good for you for waiting for the ambulance. You were that guys guardian angel for protecting him!Have fun at the concert!BTW, my word verification today was "hotly" LOL!

  5. I believe you were at the right spot at the right time for that little fellow, probably drunk?? You were a saint that day!! Yea Mark!…debbie

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