We gotta get this weather straightened out! I took off early yesterday (because I went in early) and it was all cloudy and windy and miserable.
Although I technically got up at my normal hour yesterday, I was really tired when I got home, so I took a nap. I think my brain was telling my body that I woke up earlier than normal
I needed the nap.
My main dive buddy is leaving the island this weekend, so I guess I’ll see if I can go see the OI Girl. I realized that if I had to choose between her and diving, I’d choose diving. I don’t know if that’s true all the time, but at least sometimes.
This mornings dog walk featured wet pavement from rain and clear starry skies.

This is the boringest blog on earth.

0 thoughts on “Wednesday!

  1. Not at all… I see on your time/temp thing that at 12:29pm it’s 81 degrees in the Caymans. I am not bored thinking of that. I’m not productive, either, but hey…

  2. LOL, it’s not the most boring blog, and I’ve seen a few bad ones! You’d rather dive than see your new girlfriend. Hope it doesn’t give her a complex.

  3. Phooey, you aren’t the boringest blog on earth. Don’t make me have to make you stand in the corner. Hey I like the new pic on your profile!