Early Morning

I’m at work already, Last night I couldn’t sleep at all. I went to bed about 9:30, OI Girl called about the same time and we had a small argument about a triathalon. She said the cutoff for the one mile swim portion was 25 minutes, and I said, too adamantly, that that wasn’t possible. She got mad because I cut her off before she could finish, then she wouldn’t finish, and things got worse from there. She says I do that all the time and I guess it’s probably true.
So I kept waking up all night, thinking about it.
Then at 5:03 I heard the sound of my coffee pot chunkkin and wondered why my alarm radio wasn’t on. I looked and it was on, playing silence. We were off the air! So I get up, shower, walk the dog (cloudy, no stars, but WARM! yeay!) got my coffee and came into work and found the computers player was on “pause” so I un-paused it and viola! Sound on the airwaves!
But I kind of got the blues and I’m starving too.

0 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. At least you are thinking about it instead of blowing it off. That means something, but to get into a longdistance argument about a triathalon!? More to argue about than that my friend. Apologize. And eat something!

  2. Not to be a wise-guy cuz I have only been in ONE triathlon…. but there ARE different distances… so possibly there are cutoff times. I did a “sprint” (the very shortest) triathlon…. a very short swim, a 13.1 mile bike, then a 5k run. so I am not even taking sides since I don’t know much more than the fact that there are different distances.p.s. does the “old girl” read your blog?

  3. Hope your day got better. 🙂 Of course you know I relate to the depression thing, and Jeff and I get into it too often over nothing as well. It’s too easy to do… Especially when you tend to react first and think about it afterwards! 😉