Weird dream

Last night I had a dream I was in a waiting room, someplace like the place where you get your drivers license, or a doctors office. There was several people standing in line with me, a little kid and his mom, a pretty girl who smiled at me when she caught me looking at her. The little kid and I were making faces at each other. I remember I felt good and I was happy. I was standing in line in a tank top, shorts and flip flops, I think I just came from the beach. The girl was sitting in a chair, she had brown hair past her shoulders, and she was wearing a blue skirt and a green shirt. Suntanned legs. There were several people in line, a nice clean, modern well-lit waiting room.
I remember the song on the radio, it sounded like Steven Tyler:

Baby Baybeeeee
Won’t you love me one more time?

Over and over.
Finally it was my turn, and I went in this office. This guy gave me a form to fill out. When I got done, he opened a drawer and I was surprised when I threw my pen in the drawer. I thought “I won’t be needing that any more”. In the drawer, neatly folded, was a filthy denim shirt. It had some serious ring around the collar. It was filthy-filthy. I didn’t want to put on such a dirty shirt because I was nice and clean but I figured it really didn’t matter. I asked “What’s that shirt for? Handling the dead body?” He said yes and gave it to me to put on. Then he started to lead me into another room and I realized in my dream that I already knew I was there to be put to death.
Then I woke up, angry that I would have such a dream, and sad too. It was weird that I would report for death and just accept it, without fighting or struggling or running, like it was normal. I don’t think anyone else in the line was there to be put to death.

reading this makes me want to cry.

0 thoughts on “Weird dream

  1. I just read this and I want to say more but I don’t have time. I’ll contact you later about the dream. It makes me sad too.

  2. Wow, I was all into the dream until you said what the blue shirt was for. Dude you have some scary dreams! Actually I would define that one as a nightmare. BTW, I was the girl in the waiting room. And yes, I caught you looking at my legs.

  3. I have written several things in this space and deleted them again and again. I guess I don’t know you well enough to say what I really feel…but I will say this…The last line, in white, made my heart sink into my stomach.