5 things:

I’ve been simutaneously tagged by Shoo Shoo, Daisy and Froggie Mom to do a list of 5 things:

In my purse/wallet:
Drivers license, American Express (don’t leave home without it) A key to my car (usually, but not now, since my car’s in the shop). Insurance card and government fuel card. very little money

In my Refrigerator:
grape Cool-Aid, water, wasabi, turkey, bread and cheese

In my Closet:
Clothes, shoes, a half dozen or so wetsuits, multimeter, and boxes of books and computer parts.

In my Car:
XM receiver, a stuffed animal that my ex-niece gave me, A friendship bracelet that an ex-girlfriends daughter gave me, a big bottle of water for if I need to rinse off after the beach, usually my bailout bottles for diving but not now, because my car’s in the shop.

I tag: Restless Me, Southern Sweetheart, Ashman (’cause he never says much, just posts pictures), Moxey Poxey, and Anduin.

This was an easy post.

0 thoughts on “5 things:

  1. For some reason, I couldn’t get this to work on my blog.My “5 things”:IN MY PURSE/WALLET: Driver License Albertson’s Preferred Card Insurance cards Bank card First Aid cardIN MY REFRIGERATOR: Chesse Beer Butter Water Coffee creamerIN MY CLOSET: Uniform shirts Shoes Boxes of old crap 2 HO train sets Fred’s cat carrierIN MY CAR: Radar/laser detector Parking permit for work Bracelet Laura made me Blanket First aid kit

  2. You said you have wasabi, do you eat sushi…or do you just take pictures of it swimming around in the water? Didi that sound rude? I didn’t mean it rude. But, seriously…your answer is…