Weird Repeat Dream

I had a dream I was driving my Landcruiser underground. Like straight down a hole. The only thing keeping it from falling was because the roof was scraping. I had to wriggle to get around corners and bumps in the ceiling, walls and floor. There were horizontal parts and straight down parts. The whole thing was black dirt, it wasn’t rock, that’s why I didn’t get stuck. I could just force my way though.
There were some people ahead of me, but I don’t know who they are. (I think I knew in the dream, I just can’t remember now). I never saw them in the dream, they were way down there. There was a girl I used to work with giving me some equipment when I first drove down in the hole. From the expression on her face, she knew it wasn’t a good idea to go down there.
I got way down before I started even wondering how I was going to get out. When I started wondering how I was going to get out, the dream turned bad, it wasn’t scary before that.
I’ve had this dream before.

Then I woke up and started worrying about stuff. I knew there was no going back to sleep.

0 thoughts on “Weird Repeat Dream

  1. Hummmmmmmm…just wondering what you eat before retiring for the evening…I dream a lot too, and I don't eat anything or very little past 7pm. I can fly in my dreams…but I haven't flown lately. lol…perhaps you just need to finish the things your worried about. Put them behind you so to speak…easier said than done tho' huh!! …debbie