Weird space time warp

I thought for sure I did my “Double Digits” post today. Not yesterday. So all day I thought I posted but I didn’t. I don’t really know where the day went today. I went to the beach, but left my book at home, so I just swam and played games and Yahoo Instant Messaged on my cell phone. then I cleaned up the house a little bit. A Very little bit. I did laundry and pushed the room around a little.
My dog defies the laws of physics. He’s a 40 pound dog who looses 60 pounds of hair every day. I kid you not! I have white tile floors and they suck! Every hair and piece of anything is plainly visible. He ran away this evening too. I let him out without the leash and he took off. All week I’ve been letting him off the leash and he’s been good and come back immediately when I called him. Not today. So I left him outside and went off for a while and when I got back, he was chained to the porch. I have good neighbors.
I ordered Chineese food for supper. Beef Lo Mein.
Monday after work I’m diving with the Biologist girl I mentioned who glues transmitters on turtles backs (she does more than that too, ya know). I am super excited. I mean SUPER EXCITED!! She also likes coffee. I think I’ll also see her Tuesday when I do the turtle beach walk again. This is the same girl whose number I got during a freedive class we both took a long time ago. She wrote her number on a teeny tiny piece of paper and I couldn’t find it. I finally did find it months later but I felt like I had waited too long to call. (I still have that teeny tiny piece of paper!) Then I signed up for the turtle thing and there she was. She doesn’t really act interested in me though, not that I can tell such things. But I plan on taking it slow.

Part of me is afraid to even hope.

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  1. I’ll hope for you then :)Biologists are damn cool, especially turtle tracking scuba diving ones. (no bias here!)I know it’s cliche and I hate it… but just be yourself. I’d give my left arm to have a girl that enjoyed diving. My wife hates it 🙂

  2. From what my daughters tell me, most guys today do not want to date–they want to go straight to the bedroom. Women want romance. Movies, dinner, conversation, etc. I sure hope you’re that kind of guy.

  3. I like this post, the way you sort of randomly talk about little things that happened to you today. Sometimes the mundane can be interesting.