Wetfoot Conspiracy Plus

The Dogs go for their walk, The dogs pee on the road. They just stand there as pee flows under their feet. The dogs get tangled in their leashes. I lift their paw to get the leash out from under. I get a wet hand.

It’s a plot, a conspiracy to make my hands wet from dog pee.

Yesterday I got stuck in a loop. I’m still reading Don Quixote. (Donkey Hoetee). It’s terrible. Yesterday, I continued my read. (I’m at the part where Don sends Sanchez to give the letter to his lady, but Sanchez instead brings the priest and barber.) I passed out from reading it. I woke up an hour later, and started reading again. They met the real pretty girl dressed as a boy. I passed out again, from boredom. Woke up another hour later. If I had started reading again, I probably would have passed out again. It occurred to me that I could consume my whole life, read, pass out, read, pass out.

It’s a plot, a conspiracy to make me sleep all afternoon. It was hard falling asleep last night because I was so well rested from reading Donkey Hoetee. Also designed to torture high school students, and those forced into reading this book.

Actually Don Quixote is not that bad of a story, it’s just that the sentences are extremely long. I found a sentence that was a full page and a half long on my Kindle. Frequently, while reading this book, I get half way through a sentence and think “What? Who’s this talking? What are they talking about?” and have to go back.

Happy Wednesday. Another perfect day.