What’s up with Google?

I’ve been noticing problems with Google for several days now, possibly a week already.

I do a search on Google Images, (Like for the telephone yesterday) and I get an error message.

“Your search – telelphone – could not be completed with the requested search options. Reset search tools

The Reset search tools is a link that takes you to a page with no options, you can’t reset anything from there.

Yesterday, another problem started, when I try to go to almost any page from Google, I get this message:And, if I go to an encrypted page, like to read comments on my blog, I get this:

Is anybody having these troubles? I start from Yahoo! and everything works fine. (Except Blogger, which is Google-owned)
Right now I’m on my Linux machine, The Windows one seems too screwed up.

5 thoughts on “What’s up with Google?

  1. no, im not getting THAT, but what really drives me crazy is that it expands your searches for you, even when you dont want it to.for instance, i'll do a search on "robin williams" (with the quotes, so it should JUST show me robin williams links) and sure, the first few are of him, but after a bit it starts showing me any hits on robin or williams. if i WANTED that i wouldnt have put the quotes in. i hate that shit!

  2. Here's a similar problem I just started having with Google- do a definition search, like, [define:VHV]. Then do another search, like [what causes heartworm in dogs]. The second search will return zero results, and that same link, "reset search tools". For some reason, I'm guessing they're doing the second search within the results of the first search.. If you click the "reset search tools link", and do the second search again, this time it will have results.

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