Word verifications I'd like to see

I know it’s not just me, these word verification words are getting longer and longer and longer. Some aren’t so bad, but over all, I think they are getting more and more complex and ever increasingly difficult to read. Here’s some examples, some aren’t too bad, but some are, and like I said they seem to be getting worse!

Who makes these up? An insane monkey with a seasick typewriter? I think it would be just as effective to use simpler words that make a little bit of sense, and can actually be read, like these maybe:

Or, perhaps some internet related acronyms, such as:

The purpose of word verification is to prevent machine readers from reading the text and creating spam. These are actually images, not text. Theoretically, the automated readers can’t read a picture, so why have them so complex? They could put a picture of a duck, and have you type the word “duck” and it would work the same. I hope the people at blogger read this, and take swift decisive action, because if the word verification keeps getting more and more difficult, bloggers everywhere may unite and revolt!

13 thoughts on “Word verifications I'd like to see

  1. I do end up doing the word verification a couple of times on occasion because I can’t tell if it’s a w or two v’s. Soon, we’ll be typing sentances.>rgnnqaqk

  2. You hit the nail on the head with that one!!!!! I totally agree. My faves are the ones you listed like “Krappy”!!! HEEHEE! Today, mine was: sskhhNot too bad at all! Ciao!

  3. OMG, I totally agree. I had one the other day that was almost 10 letters long. Annoying!mine was: hijfdhvReminds me of when I was learning to type and had to practice the letters repeatedly. Blah!

  4. The word verifications I have come across have not been very long but some are difficult to read and I have to retype the word. At least it has helped with the spam on my blog.

  5. about the duck – I would probably say bird – fugl – zintkala – Vogel – fugl (på dansk)- my brain sometimes doesn’t work like normal persons – so I am going to stick to the verifications – mine was very simple mmpha

  6. Make my word verification be WTF because that’s obviously what I think 80% of my day. I have the same problem as Carnealian sometimes. G and Q have the same problem of looking alike too. And then you get the ones with r being so close to another letter that you can’t tell what it really is. WTF?Oh, and my word was yzkoz. It took pity on me today.

  7. ~~> wvhrfaoMy thoughts exactly. I’ve been wondering all along why they make them so hard to read since they’re images. I, too, have had to enter them several times because they were illegible.Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

  8. Turns out the computers have been able to read the simpler ones. Even basic slants can be OCR’d with some patience and trial an error.

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