I’m running late today! I have a post started from last night that I haven’t finished and Daisy gave me an idea for another, so in a matter of hours, I went from completely blog brain dead to overloaded! Not that I’m complaining!

Ahhh the weather is great! The temp at night plummets way down to a cool 79F 26C with low humidity! The sun is back out and the breeze is nice and cool! It feels like fall! It feels like hurricane season is finally (just about) over! I went to the beach for a while after work yesterday and it was perfect! The waves are finally laying down and it will soon be time to dive again!

All I gotta do is make it through work, I’m dreading it. Work sucks because I need an attitude adjustment.

0 thoughts on “Cheeses

  1. Hey! Work DOES suck!!! It’s that thing we can all agree on. But you are in such a warm climate! Grr….wee bit of jealousy shining thru…Please beam us there. I love Nova Scotia but I could use some nice warm weather minus the humidity. This summer was unbearable. Humidity of 40 celcius which we aren’t used to. But to be in the warmth right now….beam us there please! Temp here is currently 10 celcius. I am here with a big honkin wool sweater on. SUCKAGE!

  2. I can’t feel to sorry for you with such a beautiful place to live. Big H and I want to sell off all our junk, I mean antiques, and travel around the country in an RV. We have to convince our children that living on their own will be great.Oh those impressionable kids.