I have been busy this week (yesterday) putting in a new radio station. If only every week could be like this, work-wise.
This morning, I woke up a little early, and went up on the roof. I was looking in the right place at the right time, and saw the sun peek over the horizon. I think it’s the first time I ever saw the sun actually come up from the roof. Usually I blink and miss it, or get there too late or too early.
Yesterday, I said good by to Mir. Here’s the last photo. He seemed perfectly OK, eating, feeling good. He seemed greatly greatly improved. He wouldn’t hold still enough for a picture.

4 thoughts on “Work

  1. Your putting in a new radio station??? Maybe you can get a radio job there!!! How COOL WOULD that be!!!!! Good bye Mr Mir! hope you find a wonderful home!…debbie

  2. We could use a good radio station over down here. I haven't met a cat yet, that will hold still for a photo. At least, not long enough to get a good photo. Wonder how all those other people with cats come up with such good photos of their's :

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