Yesterday was great!

Today will be better!
Yesterday the dive was 150 feet for 30 minutes, swam in one direction. Then up to 100 feet for 30 more minutes, still swimming in the same direction, then across the sand to a mini wall where we swam back for an hour and did our deco and had a 2 hour and 1o minute runtime. It was just a shallow warm up dive.
Plus, it was great seeing a bunch of old friends.
Today I am on the boat.
All these dives are too deep for my camera, (140 feet or 40 meters) but I will take some shots today on the boat and stuff. Maybe this afternoon I’ll do a shallower one and take some U/W pics.

0 thoughts on “Yesterday was great!

  1. Ha! I’ve found something not to be envious of – you’re still getting up at the crack of dawn! Whilst I like the early morning when I have lots to do, I also like sleeping in later and later when holidays arrive – granted you’re doing what you love, but even so, one of the joys of holidays is the lazy start (and don’t you dare come back and tell me why I’m wrong! Envy is not good ;o))

  2. Happy Vacation….I take it the leg is all better (sorry I haven’t been to your blog in a while)

  3. Just kind of stumbled across your sight. Sounds like I tuned in at a great time. I hope you take pictures…and share them. I’ll be watching, you are officially tagged, don’t let me down!!!