You know what I'm going to say today. . .

I’m putting my rebreather together and I’m going to the dive shop!
I’ll be there all week, except when I come home to sleep and take care of the dawg!!


(This is yet another record for most boringest post! Delving down to unfathomed depths of boringness)

0 thoughts on “You know what I'm going to say today. . .

  1. I don’t think it can be classed as ‘the most boring post’ as your opening line causes too much envy!! Guess that makes it the most enviable post ;o)

  2. I completely agree with Jona here…I am certainly jealous… Especially since I have to work all weekend. 🙁

  3. To those who live vicariously through you(I’m not one of them mind you), you can never have a boring post….ever!One that says you are going diving very day is very exciting.I hope your vacation is great!

  4. I’m thinking I must be the Queen of Boring, because I keep coming back to read your ‘boring’ posts.(really . . they’re not boring, they keep me entertained)