This weekend I took the above course at One Heart. It was very informative. It made me aware of how much more there is that I don’t know. The class was an introduction to The Eight Limbs Of Yoga.

I started yoga classes at the adamant insistence of my counselor, who I started seeing because of my divorce, (as I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about by now).I was instantly hooked from my first class. It cleared the wreckage in my mind and gave me peace. It led to the meditation I’ve always sought and given me a path to follow.

After the YST class, i don’t even know why we call yoga (as i always thought of it) yoga. Why don’t we just call it Asana? That’s all we do, I think that’s all most people are aware of.

My objective has always been to do the poses properly, give me precise instructions, give me a checklist. Tell me what to adjust to improve.

Now I am supposed to listen to my body, and accept the instructions i receive. Something like that.

I’ve learned in the past couple years that my “parts” seem to be more “disconnected” what is considered normal, and now i must (continue) working to unify them, now with a whole new set of instructions (guidelines? examples? ideals?) added.

It’s very exciting and somewhat overwhelming. I will rely on the guidance i have been receiving to guide me further.

I mowed the yard Friday afternoon and now, Monday morning, it could stand to be mowed again…

Happy Monday, have a good week!

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