This morning it was soo hard to wake up. I hit the snooze 3 times. I finally got up, and my brain was not functioning too well while I was studying. It seemed darker than normal outside too. I looked at my watch and it was 6:40 and still dark. My beeper went off 10 minutes later, telling me time to go to work, and it was light.
Here it is very cloudy, windy and cold.

I feel kind of zombie-fied today. I considered calling in sick.

Yesterday afternoon I went looking for the OI Girls cat, Tica. I received a phone call yesterday, and I can send her back to Cayman Brac, where she grew up. The person who has the OI Girls old apartment will take her, if she’s not wild. If Tica wants to be wild, she can be one of the outdoor cats at Brac Reef Resort, where OI Girl used to work. Everything’s been set up by the manager there. (she’s the one who called me).
Either way, Tica has a much better chance of survival there than here.
If I can find, and catch, Tica the Cat.

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