Another Monday

I stayed up late two nights in a row. I’m not complaining. But I like getting up early. Today it was 5:40 when I got up! (that’s late)

Sometimes I post a post here and wait a really really long time, like a whole 10 or 15 minutes, then I come back and check and nothing! Not a single comment. 15 whole minutes!! Dang! I feel so ignored! Torture me people!

And I wish I got more comments on my blog, when I don’t get comments I feel like it’s boring, which I know it is. I noticed that nowadays I check for comments even before I check my email!

Also I notice that when I post a post, it usually stops the comments on previous posts… I’m not the only one who notices that! (Hi Wanting More!)

0 thoughts on “Another Monday

  1. The same thing happens to my blog. Somedays I get only 1 comment and then other days will generate many more on a post that I didn’t think was very interesting.I noticed that not many people read or comment on the weekends, which is why I do not post on mine then.

  2. Good Morning Mark…..long nights huh? 😉 You sure you aren’t complaining? hehe What’s been keeping you up so late?I also notice that people don’t post or comment as much on the weekends…. 🙁

  3. I’m feeling the same way about my blog. Like it’s just not interesting. I wish I had more time to write things to post, but I usually end up writing something fast just for the sake of posting every day. Coming up with comments is difficult sometimes too.

  4. Oh, now I feel awful! I read ALL your blogs (though I only found ‘wanting more’ the other day), but I don’t comment very often. I like all your blogs – HONEST! And I shall make more of an effort to comment.But back to why I was commenting here :o)Mark, I have to ask, what do you consider a late night?

  5. I read ’em all too but don;t always comment. Sometimes I just like to read and not make the effort of typing. But then sometimes I find myself going back later to type a comment.Mark, you’re funny. Your post reminded me of a girl sitting by the phone after a date. (Is he going to call me, is he going to call? Maybe I shouldn’t have puked in his car on the way home tonight). Okay, so that was ME waiting by the phone. And I only puked in 1 guys car.

  6. Litamaybe nobody posts on weekends because they think nobody ELSE posts on weekends, maybe everybody wants to but doesn’t because they think no one else is!Wanting MoreYes! I’m sure I’m not comlaining! Have YOU ever stayed up a late as I did this weekend! HAAAA HAAAA!!Debi4:45 Sunday morning and 3 AM Monday morning. You’re a sweetheart, don’t feel bad!Anduinyou have a great blog! Never boring. Maybe you only THINK it’s boring because of influence by those telepathic space alien poodle felines with super mind control abilities!DaisyGood! That part was supposed to be funny! I guess you owed me one for my comment about you ruining the the G Man!

  7. Mark, G-man got a big head to thnk that he was actually mentioned in the same sentance as the Terminatorm much less that he was actually compared to him. And then the head on his shoulders got big too. (ha ha)True story here – I went to school with Linda Hamilton of Terminator. Actually she was 2 years head of me and was in my brothers classes. She has a twin sister named Leslie. Both of them were bloody fat in high school. Who knew she would lose the weight and kick Arnolds ass?