No Post This Morning

My post this morning didn’t work so I deleted it, It was an animation that didn’t work properly when I posted it, but I thought maybe it was a problem with Firefox, so I came to work and tried it with Internet Explorer and it was still screwed up looking. So I deleted it.

0 thoughts on “No Post This Morning

  1. I saw it this morning when you had it out there — I thought it was pretty cool. It was an animated lady. I guess I should have posted that I saw it so you would have known it was doing “something” — maybe not precisely what you would have wanted but …… 🙂 (I was brushing my teeth when I saw it and just didn’t take time to comment b/c I needed to spit! haha – sorry) Get any more sleep last night?

  2. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by and read your blog (since request a known audience!) I loved your post on Spam! How long must it have been on the shelf to have made it to the expiration date? You almost have to marvel at the meat in the can concept (although originally made for sensible purposes, I still find it repulsive!) Can you believe I am less than 1 hour from the Spam Capitol of the World? I would send you a new can, but I won’t even go there myself!

  3. I am sad because I didn’t get to see the animation. WAH! Actually you aren’t the only one with goofy blogger problems today. Another page I read was reporting the same sort of problems today.