Busy, Productive Weekend

It was a good weekend.
Saturday morning I went to the beach. Then at noon I went to town and rented a big jackhammer. Then Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning I dug 3 big holes in the yard and planted 3 trees, an avocado, a breadfruit tree, and a Desert Rose. TheĀ  desert rose is more likeĀ  a bush than a tree. Then that evening was the Wife’s works Christmas party, we played Miniature golf and then went and had a dinner. 17 years on the island, and that was the first time I had ever been to the mini golf course. It was fun!
Yesterday afternoon I went to the cigar bar with a friend and smoked two big fat cigars and watched American Football. For once I was not disappointed in the football.
One thing that didn’t get done this weekend was that I need to re-caulk the bathtub, and I meant to clean my “desk” and fold and put away the clothes I have piled up on top of Sheba’s kennel. That’s one thing I didn’t get done.

Well, the whole weekend fits into a couple of short paragraphs.

Happy Monday! This is the start of the big week!

4 thoughts on “Busy, Productive Weekend

  1. I have a helpful hint for your tub job…get all the old caulk out..all of it..then you and the Mrs.take a rubber duck, a bottle of wine and fill up the tub..then caulk it..then play sink the duck..but if you don’t..the first time you add more weight to the caulk job, it will pull lose..

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