Kings Birthday Holiday

today is the bank holiday for the Kings birthday. Happy Birthday!

I’m off today.

It was qgood weekend. Friday i played pickleball, it was an informed, fun tournament. We (my pickleball partner Eden and I) played against some very good players.

Saturday was the mile sea swim. Below are my only pictures Random of the starting area and me and a swimmer named Harper who came in first female overall. I didn’t know i was chatting with the champion before the race!

Yesterday, i loaded up and headed out to go diving, but i mis read the calendar and the dive I was looking for was last week So I had a big breakfast and came home and took a nap. It was a good idea!.

Now it’s a Monday morning, I’m working on my first cuppa coffee and the sky is the limit for today.

Have a good one!

Twas A Great Weekend!

It was a great weekend! Friday i went to a birthday party. It was very nice. I even danced a little and wanted more!

I think the whole weekend seems longer if you go out Friday night.

All day Saturday it felt like Sunday, and Sunday felt like an extra day off. Both S- days (Saturday and Sunday) were full of yoga classes, beach and food and friends. I stayed busy and had a good time. The beach was nice but the waves were big and there was sargassum, but it was still excellent at the beach.

i feel like today is going to be a very good day too!

Hope your day is great!

Yesterday’s Sunrise and Sunset

I took a picture of the sunrise yesterday, no reason, I just thought it looked good

Then driving home last night, the sunset was nice so I took a picture while I was driving and it came out pretty good!

I cropped it, but it’s not bad for a random moving shot! In the lower left you can see a parked car windshield and on the right is Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door. (Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door,.that rhymes!)

Then this morning I thought “I can post a post about yesterdays sunrise and sunset!” Genius!

This brings us to the present moment. Friday morning, nice day. Going to work today and a birthday party tonight.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Blog Birthday!

17 April 2005 was my first post on this blog. You can see it here. I never intended to write a blog. i went to blogspot to learn what blogging was because i didn’t know. Then I created an account, because I thought I had to, then i posted a post, because i thought I had to. And here we are today.

the funny thing I remember is how hard it was to find other people’s blogs in the beginning. Not a problem anymore for me but I wonder if newbies today have that problem.

Happy Birthday! Have a good week!

Monday Seven Eleven


It was a good weekend. Got some yardwork done, went to the beach, did some diving, had some fun times with the dogs.

Above are some pictures from yesterdays dive.

im off to work, not much else going on. No news is good news! Have a great week!

Happy Birthday Lenny!

Yesterday was Lenny’s 4th birthday!

Lenny is a very good boy. He was shy when he first arrived. In fact, I had trouble getting him in the car when I picked him up from the humane society. But now he’s a super good dawgie, best in the world!

He’s still shy, but nowadays it comes across more like politeness than shyness.

Lenny has turned into a great lil’ fella!


Dart Family Park

12 second video

It was another good weekend. Saturday I met some friends at an often driven passed but seldom stopped at park. Pictures and video above.

Also I was productive replacing my thermostat in the house and an automatic ground fault indicator for the back porch outlets. For some reason, this one fails about once a year.

Also I went out for my birthday lunch Sunday with the wife. It was good to see her.

And, yesterday was my grandfathers birthday, born July 18th, 1895. Happy birthday Granpa!

And now for another Monday. Have a great week!