Stonewall Beach

Yesterday, after my dive, I went exploring. I found the Geocache I was after yesterday . . . . .

I found the TREASURE!
The actual cache
. . . . and an excellent beach up on the north side of the island.

The path to the beach

The east end of the beach (Why didn’t I take a pic of the west end? I dunno!)
An abandoned staircase that led up to a dead end and a bramble of sea grape trees.
(Through the sea grape trees requires further exploration)

It was a good day. Now I’m getting ready for work and I found that someone has broken my passenger window of my car and rifled through everything. I called the police this time. Apparently nothing is missing, my scuba tanks, wsetsuit and XM Radio are all still there. Waiting for the fingerprint technician now…

0 thoughts on “Stonewall Beach

  1. gorgeous place!I know you get sick of hearing it, but you’re sooooo lucky to live somewhere like that.

  2. I’m not understanding the whole treasure/cache thing… Now if it were cash, I’d be more interested in searching for it… That stuff looks like items I find under my sofa cushions… Congrats on finding.. (I think).

  3. yay! you found the cache! Pics are fantastic and yeah, you live in paradise alright. lucky you.sorry to hear about your car. how many times is that now? sheez.