New Window

I got a new window in my car yesterday, Here’s a pic of the broken one.
Around here, it’s like a punishment, if you leave your car unlocked, this retarded crackhead insane person who walks around will rifle through your car and take whatever he can, He’s taken towels and flashlights from me, my neighbors have lost iPods and stuff. I don’t think it was the same guy night before last. He didn’t take anything, and the regular crook never broke anything. The police got some fingerprints, and all my neighbors agree to call the cops each and every time someone rifles their car. So hopefully we’ll establish a pattern and some action will eventually be taken. Everyone knows who it is, but nobody can really prove it. But like I said, I’m not sure it was the same person who broke my window.

Today I am ecxited because it is my split shift day and yesterday I didn’t go to the beach or into the sea at all. Today I’m jonesin to go.

0 thoughts on “New Window

  1. Yep, we have Burger King, I always get 3 regular hambugers and a large 7-up.My neighbor owns a construction company and has a dump truck ‘r’ two.

  2. That sucks about your car window. Did car insurance cover it? Maybe you guys could set a trap and lay in wait for the car theif.

  3. Good Lord!! Now if I’m counting right…this would be the third window you have replaced in this vehicle? Or are there more than that we don’t know about?You’re lucky, though, that nothing was taken. Be careful about what you’re leaving out there. That gear would cost alot to replace. I know you like the convenience of keeping it in the car…but you don’t want to be kicking yourself in the ass for thinking “He left it once…he won’t take it”Oh…and,uh…BURGER KING ROCKS!!! I think they are going to come out with some baked fries in the future…they looked pretty good in the test market.By the way…love seeing the pictures! I’m sure it will be morning when you read this, so take a sip of coffee for me and have a great day!!

  4. Just had to tell you this…My word verification was…”pklumfd”-isn’t that the feeling you get after too many umbrella drinks…right before you have to hold you eyebrows up to keep your eyes open?Well…I thought it was funny…hope you smiled.