Friday Photos For The Weekend!

Not much to say today, glad it’s Friday!  Here’s a few pictures from snorkeling


These top two are Christmas Tree Worms. If you get too close to them they disappear by suddenly pulling themselves inside their tubes.


I call these gray fish “Happy Fish” because of their smiling mouth. The one below actually bit me on my knuckle. The yellow and black striped ones are called Sargent Majors.


I think these are a type of Butterfly fish, and are usually found in pairs



5 thoughts on “Friday Photos For The Weekend!

  1. Christmas Tree Worms??? How cool! I wish I had the ability to disappear if someone got too close :o)

  2. I never heard of such things as Christmas Tree Worms. Now, I know. Fascinating creatures. You don’t like honeycomb!!?? You’re missing out!! But, I do like jellybeans, too. I see you said goodbye to Chrome and got wordpress. Is it better?

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