Hump Day Morning

I’m embarrased by my tiolet paper post yesterday. Today it seems stupid.
Yesterday I got off work at 8:30, the day before that I got off at 9:45. Guess I’m getting the hang of that computer program. Wanting More said I might start to like it, and she might be right. Of course, because I say I’m getting the hang of it now, It will probably explode when I get to work.
At lunchtime yesterday, I went to the beach and swam the half mile course and got a little sunburned on top. If you know me or met me or saw my picture, you probably couldn’t tell, but I’m getting a little bald spot. No one else would probably ever notice, but when the light is juuusssst right and I look verrry closely, I can see it. Anyway, the sunburn seems to be gone this morning, but I hope it doesn’t peel.
Yesterday my deep dive buddy arrived, but I haven’t talked to him yet. He lives in the UK and has a condo here and visits several times a year. He was also kind of my rebreather trimix instructor. (trimix is the mixed gas for deep diving, helium nitrogen and oxygen). He was a student taking his trimix instructor course, and I was a student for him to teach while he was being evaluated. does that make sense? I was a students student.
Today I’m feeling like my blog is the most boring place on earth. I have nothing important or worthwhile today. On the news I’m interested in the Cypriot Airline crash and the Israelis pullout from Gaza. but don’t particularly want to talk about stuff like that here.

0 thoughts on “Hump Day Morning

  1. I think even your boring days are interesting to others. Especially while living in paradise. Hope you have fun with your friend while he is visiting.

  2. Well I’m glad you posted the toilet roll thing yesterday – that site was fun!And for the sunburn… you need a hat! But one that’ll get you noticed amoungst the waves, hmmm, what style? (There’s something for me to think on ;o))

  3. It’s refreshing to read about other peoples boring days instead of reflect on your own. As Christa said, your boring days are more interesting than my boring days.

  4. I’m having a boring day too! Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Saw you comment over on single scorpio.

  5. Believe me, I feel boring sometimes too and almost am embarrassed to write about ANYTHING because it seems boring. But I know you’re not and I love visiting you. :)That swim sounds really nice. I’m going for one in about an hour.

  6. I agree with all of the above comments…. Let’s face it, you get to do something on an almost daily basis that many of us only get to do a few times a year — -GO TO THE BEACH — and even more — GO DIVING! I live vicariously through you so please don’t think your posts are boring…to me they’re anything but! 🙂

  7. I’ll say the same thing everyone else has said – you are not boring and neither are your posts. Don’t make me roll my eyes at you! I can do it you know!Hey – I’ll be thinking about you when I am swimming in the Atlantic this weekend. Now if I could only remember what the hell I did with my bathing suit last January when last I used it. Drat!

  8. I don’t read blogs that focus on political issues, I can watch the news for that information. I like blogs that contain stories about offbeat, unusual topics.