Hurry Up And Wait

I was supposed to be real busy this week installing a new radio station, but I’m not. It seems like there are endless delays. Right now I am waiting on a contrctor to do the concrete work for a pole that will hold a 12 foot satellite dish. I wanted to hurry up and get an adapter on order for the antenna cable. I hurry hurry hurry, and get it on order. Now it’s a special part, and the vendor has to wait for it to come from the manufacturer.
I feel like it’s my fault. I need to keep busy, even when events are beyond my control.

It seems odd that it’s Wednesday already. The days crawl by but the weeks fly.

5 thoughts on “Hurry Up And Wait

  1. I have this happen often in my line of work. There are times where I am ready to set up a server…and can't proceed because the network admin with the authority to let me proceed is not around…

  2. Over a month ago, we asked for the computer company to look at our brand new computer to see what's wrong with it. They keep telling us, they will get back with us on it. sigh…the sign of the times…or the slow living pace of caribbean life.

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