Lost And Found Parking Garage

I heard a funny (kinda) story this morning on the BBC. I looked it up and found the article HERE. A woman parked her car in Washington DC, took a picture (above) to remember, but couldn’t find the parking garage after her and her daughters appointment.

Finally, she had no choice but to give up and head home, carless.

she posted her dilemma on social media and people all over began searching for her car. Finally it was found, with the finder posting a selfie with the car.

I had a similar situation at a concert in Baltimore. We lost our driver. I found the right parking garage and empty parking spot, but no driver or car. I had to call my father who drove an hour from DC and pick me and two drunk girls up.

Everyone was drinking 151, except me, I was drinking beer, luckily. My date was puking in the bathroom, the drivers date seemed relatively ok, and was giving me a play by play about the happenings in the ladies room. My father picked us up at a bus station.

What a night! Ted Nugent and Starz.

We might be getting some rain…

Have a wonderful day!