More Coffee Screwups


This morning I made coffee and got in the shower. The toasty aroma greeted me warmly when I came out of the bathroom. I went to get a cup.

CURSES BATMAN! No coffee pot under the strainer basket. Coffee had overflowed and was all over the counter.
i had to go get my bath towel to clean it  up.

In my own defense, our coffee maker is very complicated. You have to be a mechanical engineer to disassemble/assemble it to put the filter in. Then program it for how many cups, and how strong, if you’re using the built-in bean grinder. Then enter launch codes, authorization codes, retina scan, fingerprint scan and you’re ready.

It’s very complicated for someone who wakes up as brain-dead as me.

Hopefully I got it now, and I’m done screwing up.

Oh, and I’m glad it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I’m going to see Mad Max in 3D while the Wife goes to a jazz thingy at some restaurant with a bunch of friends. I abhor jazz. It sounds random to me.

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “More Coffee Screwups

  1. I want to go see Mad Max, let me know if you like it..
    I have one of those pots that heats up water(not on the stove..plug in) and I just add water and flip the switch and in about 2 minutes I have hot water and pour it over my tea bag and tada..I’m done.

  2. well, at least this one could be attributed to user error and not a machine malfunction. 🙂 i like a simple coffee pot – add water manually, add scoops of coffee manually, turn on and off manually. 🙂

    (and i don’t like jazz, either.)

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