Train Driver

There was a guy in a long defunct country called Delgiun who drove trains for a living. He loved his job, he wanted to drive trains since he was a little boy. He liked pressing the trains for speed.

One day he wrecked a train because of going too fast and killed one person. He went on trial for murder and was given a death sentence.

For his final meal, he asked for one banana. He ate the banana, got hooked into the electric chair and the switch was pulled. Sparks flew and the room filled with smoke, but the train driver was unharmed.

According to Delgiun law at that time, surviving an execution was considered divine providence and the man was set free.

He ended up getting his old job back. Unfortunately, not too much later, he wrecked another train and two people were killed. Again he was tried for murder and sentenced to death. For his last meal. He requested two bananas.

He ate the two bananas, got hooked into the electric chair and the switch was pulled. Sparks flew and the room filled with smoke, again, the train driver was unharmed.

Divine providence again. He was set free and ended up again getting his old job back, driving trains. Unfortunately, he didn’t learn his lesson and soon wrecked a third train, killing three people. He was again given a death sentence.

For his final meal he requested three bananas. The executioner refused, and against protocol, without a final meal, the train driver was strapped to the electric chair, the switch was pulled, sparks flew and the room filled up with smoke, but again the train driver was unharmed.

The executioner was speechless, the train driver saw this and said, “the bananas had nothing to do with it, I’m just a poor conductor!”

happy Friday!

Job Fair

Today is the annual Chamber of Commerce job fair.

I’m a volunteer at the Airport booth. It’s a pretty good sized crowd and lots of interesting booths setup!

Happy Friday!

Blog Needs A New Home

I got an email yesterday saying that my host is going out of business and I need a new place for my site

i briefly considered letting this blog go down with the ship. It’s been a long time. When I started, I didn’t know what blogging was and wanted to find out.

Now, after years of never really having a purpose or theme, I considered letting it go.

But I won’t I like going back in time and see what I was doing years ago. It’s a diary or journal blog, so I guess there is a theme after all.

Happy March First! Happy Friday!

Continuous Improvement vs Holding Steady

Some things, if you put a fixed amount of time into them, you will continue to improve. For example, if you practice your musical instrument for an hour every day you will continue to improve. It seems like this isn’t so with physical activity, it seems that one must continually increase the amount of time that they spend doing that activity to see improvement in physical ability and technique of the activity.

I do my morning exercises daily, I do the same routine. I spend the same amount of time, to fit with my time schedule in the mornings.. if I wanted to improve I would have to increase the amount of time or exercise that I did. If I play pickleball once a week, I will reach a level of competence in pickleball and not exceed that level of skill.

This isn’t feasible, for me to spend ever increasing amounts of time in every activity that I pursue. Time runs out.

What is the answer to this dilemma? Or am I completely wrong?

Happy Friday !

September Already

I find it hard to believe it’s September already. This year has flown by. Every week has flown by.

There was a nice pre dawn thunderstorm this morning, not that we really needed the rain. Below is a picture of the sunrise thru my front window.

Have a good weekend!