Travlin’ Tim In DC

Travlin’ Tim took a trip down to DC and took in the sights. Then we went to the boat parade down at the Wharf in DC. Technically, the Potomac River. We had good food and there were some very good bands playing music.

It was in the 50s, temperature wise. Very warm for this time of year in this area..

Tomorrow is my last full day here, Tuesday I head home.

50 Years 1973-2023

Hard to believe, but Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon” was 50 years old this past March. I first got drunk in 1973, and started drugs very shortly thereafter. It seems I heard and loved Wish You Were Here before Dark Side of the Moon, I bought the LP Record (and still have it in 100% perfect condition. I don’t think I ever bought Dark Side Of the Moon, but I listen to it at least weekly.

Both are some of the greatest albums ever.

50 years, dayum!

Have a great weekend!

Twinkle Twinkle

I took this picture at the ice cream place a week or two ago. My little brother or sister had one, and I plated Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on it and my parents thought I was a musical genius. .

I then played piano for the next several years. Never wanting to.

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, it’s supposed to be a great year!

Happy Thursday, I have a lot of vacation time to use or lose before the end of the year. Looking forward to using it!

Have a great day

New Favorite Song This Week

My favorite song lately is Not Now John on The Final Cut by Pink Floyd. I remember when this came out, a long time ago. I dismissed it then as they were past their prime, but I remember that song in particular.

I don’t know who John is and don’t care what the words mean, I like the music. The music being the sound of the instruments combined with the vocals. There’s all kinds of references in there.

i have a tennant in the apartment for 10 days. It’s good to have it in use. The AC wouldn’t start though, and I had to call a repairman. Goodbye rent money. It’s alright though. I like seeing the lights on when I get back from walking the dogs.

Have a good day!

Audioslave, I Am The Highway

Although it’s now twenty years old, this is the first new song I’ve heard that I liked in,well, more than 20 years.

Audioslave, I Am The Highway.

It came with a playlist I downloaded for my phone.

I like it quite a bit. It is said that MTV killed rock n roll and I don’t know, but the new artists don’t seem to play any instruments or have any musicians on stage.

My blood pressure checkup went well, I will find about my blood composition today.

Have a wonderful day!

Music at the Library

Several weeks ago, I put an event on my calendar, “Music at the Library” part of the Cayman Arts Festival. I stopped by on my way to movie night last night. It was very nice I was quite surprised at the young man’s skill.

The Program below.

And below is a video I took last night. Quite nice. Under 3 minutes long.

I’m glad I went, I don’t know what made me put it on my calendar when I heard about it, but I’m glad I did, I would have forgotten about it if I didn’t.

After that I went to movie night at the Westin, had a chicken sandwich and left about a quarter way through the movie, “What Women Want

beautiful night

Then I went and saw some friends in Bodden Town and had overall a very nice evening..

Then I slept good, and feel good so far this Friday The 13th morning. And my class that I was so worried about yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought. All’s well that ends well. Plus, yesterday at lunchtime I met a couple of really nice Rottweiler puppies.

Have a great weekend!

Trainint Week

This week has been training week at work. There was the annual safety training, and my drivers license renewal to drive where the planes are. I’m all done now, so today it’s back to work.

I’m feeling a little brain dead this morning, I slept OK, but there was the problem of being super hot under the covers, and super cold out of them. This is a much coffee day. I’m on my second cup, at work, I plan on having at least two more.

I usualy listen to the news i the morning, this morning I listened to some music, it was nice. Maybe I’ll try that more often.

Runnin’ late, gottaa go!

Hava good day!

Rush to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

I love the band Rush. I remember Rolling Stone in the ’70s and ’80s, “Back when Rolling Stone Magazine was cool”. I remember the weird little ads in the back. I particularly remember one issue that had this guy wearing a red hoodie, smiling and looking all at peace, and his eyes were all glazed over and wasted looking. I remember thinking “wonder what drugs he’s on, I want the sameĀ  buzz”. Never did find out.

I remember a band called Dr. Hook, who had a song about wanting to “see my smiling face on the cover of theĀ  Rolling Stone” They was “gonna buy five copies for my mother”

My favorite Rush Song is “Working Man” . I never heard it till 1977 when I moved to Maryland. But it’s still a great song. When I was a kid, I delivered newspapers at about $30 a month, and I haven’t really been unemployed since. I worked my job at Sears the day before I went into the Navy and got two paychecks mailed to me in boot camp. I’m so tired of working and don’t think I’ll ever be able to retire.

Your assignment today, if you choose to accept it, is to read the article, and listen to both songs. I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a Great Day!

More Coffee Screwups


This morning I made coffee and got in the shower. The toasty aroma greeted me warmly when I came out of the bathroom. I went to get a cup.

CURSES BATMAN! No coffee pot under the strainer basket. Coffee had overflowed and was all over the counter.
i had to go get my bath towel to clean it  up.

In my own defense, our coffee maker is very complicated. You have to be a mechanical engineer to disassemble/assemble it to put the filter in. Then program it for how many cups, and how strong, if you’re using the built-in bean grinder. Then enter launch codes, authorization codes, retina scan, fingerprint scan and you’re ready.

It’s very complicated for someone who wakes up as brain-dead as me.

Hopefully I got it now, and I’m done screwing up.

Oh, and I’m glad it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I’m going to see Mad Max in 3D while the Wife goes to a jazz thingy at some restaurant with a bunch of friends. I abhor jazz. It sounds random to me.

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!