Palm Trees & a Motorcycle Ride

Heres a shot from our dog walk this morning. Palm trees in the pre dawn light.

My car is in the shop, getting a seal replaced. It was waiting for the part for a long time. Last evening I pressure washed the oil stain from my driveway parking spot.

Im riding the scooter today, first time in a long time.

Hapoy Friday ! Have a great weekend!

Earthquake Sunrise Runway

There was a small earthquake in Jamaica yesterday, we didn’t feel it here, I didn’t anyway, and didn’t hear anyone say they did.

this morning’s sunrise was quite spectacular I thought. Pictures below

And yesterday at work I got to go out on the runway about some stuff Tor the weather stations. Got a couple pics.

Aaaaaand tomorrow is Friday! Life is good!

Water Weekend

Saturday was an 800 meter swim I came in second out of 3 in my age group. I think I swam well and wanted first place.

Sunday I went out on a boat dive with Don Foster’s Dive Center it was quite nice.

Today I’m taking the dogs to get their shots this afternoon, early lunch hour. And tonight is the beginning of Passover. I’m going to a Seder.

Have a great week!

Baby Triggerfish

Had a nice dive this weekend. Favorite thing I saw was this juvenile triggerfish. About as big as a quarter.

Also there is a beautiful sunrise right now.

Have a wonderful week!

The Zoom

Above are pictures from this mornings dawg walk. Testing out the zoom in the phone (Galaxy S21) camera. See the fisherman? Not too shabby!

Happy Friday!

Good Morning!

It’s almost Friday, I signed up for Pickleball tomorrow night. Saturday is the mile swim. I hope i don’t injure myself playing pickleball and impede my ability to swim.

Hopefully Sunday I can get some of my projects around the house worked on..

This sounds like a Friday post, but it’s Thursday. At the top is yestdays sunrise.

Have a great day!

Yesterday’s Sunrise and Sunset

I took a picture of the sunrise yesterday, no reason, I just thought it looked good

Then driving home last night, the sunset was nice so I took a picture while I was driving and it came out pretty good!

I cropped it, but it’s not bad for a random moving shot! In the lower left you can see a parked car windshield and on the right is Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door. (Mr Arthur’s Store and a piece of my car door,.that rhymes!)

Then this morning I thought “I can post a post about yesterdays sunrise and sunset!” Genius!

This brings us to the present moment. Friday morning, nice day. Going to work today and a birthday party tonight.

Have a great weekend!