What Scale?

I have a friend in Grand Forks North Dakota USA. It’s mighty cold up there.. Of course, you can’t tell how cold with any internet weather sites. They don’t specify the scale they’re using. How unprofessional! How unscientific! Is it Kelvin? It it Centigrade? Who can tell?

its either -7⁰ or 19⁰ or 266⁰ but it might be -7⁰ or 14⁰ or 251⁰, perhaps -7⁰ or -251⁰ or -472⁰. Who can tell? They might be using any temperature scale. Nowhere does it specify the scale being used. The information is therefore worthless.

Very annoying.

Happy Friday !

One thought on “What Scale?

  1. You know the US uses Fahrenheit. It’s only the rest of the world that uses Centigrade.

    Fahrenheit – really cold, 0 – 100, really hot.
    Centigrade – sort of cold, 0 – 100, dead
    Kelvin – dead, 0 – 100, dead

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