Wild wet windy weedy weekend

Wello. Another Monday is upon us. Here was a not-too-bad weekend. Saturday The Wife and I went shopping, and got some Bougainvillaea bushes and a new pan for cooking.


It’s a “Stir Fry” don’t call it a wok

I can’t remember what else we got. We stopped by the cigar store and I smoked one there. I meant to get a box to go, but somehow it slipped my mind. I looked at a box, good price, but only 12 cigars in a box. I like boxes with 25. We also looked at a new washer and dryer. (Uh on, the Wifes Brain wheels are spinnin’ like crazy, I can tell)… She got the whole thing planned out.

Then we came home, and I watched a little football. (I don’t give a rats ass after the Redskins coach murdered his team) The results and my hopes for next week are below.

NFL Odds Divisional Playoff Games - NFL Football Odds NFL Odds AFC  NFC

I guess I gotta go for Baltimore. I hate all the other teams. I had a hard time picking San Francisco over Atlanta because I dislike them both immensely. SanFran because I thought Joe Montana was a weenie. Atlanta, because I’ve always disliked them. But I picked San Fran because of number 7 on their team. Don’t know his name. He was running and making some good plays. The winner of these two games plays the Super Bowl. Whoopie.

Sometime I have to tell you my NFL team philosophy, It’s quite insane.

Sunday I planted the bougainvillaeas in our solid bedrock yard. I tried using my one inch masonry drill to loosen up the ground and got it stuck solid in the ground. Then I had to use a pickaxe to get it free. Damn bougainvillaeas better grow.

And it rained Sunday, and we had a big power failure and I put houseplants outside and it immediately quit raining before they could get wet. AGAIN, like always.

That’s it for today, this dang post is too dang long!

4 thoughts on “Wild wet windy weedy weekend

  1. Joe Montana is a weenie?? Where did you ever come up with that?
    #7 on the 49ers team is Colin Kaepernick. Some time ago their coach pulled Alex Smith who was doing quite well as a quarterback and he went with Colin to change things up.
    I have always been a fan of Joe Montana and then Steve Young. The 49ers to this day are still #2 for me with the Giants being number one. Yeah, I hear you groaning.

    By the way…love your blog.

  2. I would love to see San Francisco against New England, with San Francisco winning just so Randy Moss can have a Super Bowl title (since he didn’t get one with New England).

  3. I started out 3-1 playoffs..then went 5-3..feck…I’m still pissed over the washington game..they should fire that coach..and pissed jerry jones is playing coach and fired the defense coach, who was hampered by injuries all season and still played better than the offense and they kept jason..fucccccccck.

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