New Street Sign and Weekend Report!


It was a really nice weekend. Saturday I ran errands while the Wife made cupcakes. I got the lawnmower fixed and mowed the yard. Sunday I made the above street sign out a piece of bamboo while the wife applied icing to afore mentioned cupcakes. Then we took afore mentioned, iced cupcakes to the beach for a friends birthday party.

I’m not too sure I’m completely happy with the house sign. My brush  was too big to  get down in the letters and I’m  not sure I like the colors. I’m not happy with the strength of the wire hanging mechanism, and it’s hanging crooked. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I may fiddle with it some more.
I was going to try a palm tree instead of the sun, but the sun was so much easier and matched the colors I had on hand. I’m pretty happy with the smiling sun.

That’s my Monday post, have a good week!

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