The True Story Of The Day It Rained Pears

It was 1970, plus ot minus 5 years. I was at my Uncle Harolds house in Washington State, USA. My Uncle owned an apple orchard.

There was a Pear drought that year, no pears were growing in Washington. Farmers were bulldozing their pear orchards and planting apples.

There was a kid next door to my Uncles who was aboout my age, and we were playing around back in the orchards. There were concrete irrigation ditches with clear, flowing water. They were pretty fun to play in. And the orchard was at the very base of a moutain. The orchard was flat, then the mountain started, and went up and up.

So, we’re back there, swimming in the ditches, climbing mountains, having a pretty good time overall. Nice green grass, clear flowing water, warm summer day.

All of a sudden “CHOOK!” A pear landed pretty close to us. I looked at him and he looked at me. “CHOOK!” another pear landed. and then “CHOOK!” “CHOOK!””CHOOK!” “CHOOK!”

It literally started raining pears. There were supposedly no pears in the state, but hundreds fall from the sky.

We ran. Orchards are weird, because all the rows of trees look the same. Every corner, every inersection looks the same.

We went back later and didn’t find a single pear, but neither of was sure we had the right spot. But this story is true. Totally true.

Have a great weekend.

Spectacular Dream About a Train

Last night I had a very cool dream. I stole a locomotive!

First, I was out for my morning run, and I saw some of my airport coworker friends getting some apples that were stuck on a wall. It was: Apples on the wall, a waterfall in the middle, and more apples on the wall. Then it started raining pears. (This has actually happened to me, it raining pears. Different story.)

Next in the dream, I guess I’m at work. I’m walking on top of this huge locomotove. I’m walking behind this welder guy. (I can tell from his red and green hoses dragging).

So, I’m right behind him, and we have to jump from the locomotive about two feet to this concrete pier next to it. He jumps and almost falls, starts wobbling around. I have to stop, because now he’s occupying the space I was going to step across to, and I start wobblng on my feet, almost falling off the locomotive, about two storeys down to the ground. Nobody falls, I step across to the pier and it’s all cool.

The welder guy says something about taking ‘er for a spin, and walks off. I opened the locomotive door, (like a car door, only bigger.) The seat’s way forward so I scoot it back, (again, like a car seat, bar underneath) and sit down.

The thing is nice! ultra modern, all kinds of dials and display screens all the way down the dashboard, about four times longer than a cars. There is, however, two rows of buttons, with tape underneath, handwritten labels. One says FWD, another says REV. I don’t remember what the others said.

I press the button that says FWD. The locomotive starts moving, Before long, I’m in a beautiful open country. Super wide horizon, beautiful skies and farmland looking landscape. Prairies and trees. There were also these cool structures, that looked like iron, alongside the tracks.

The train was fully automated, it changed speeds and seemed to operate by itself. Pretty soon I was moving quite fast. Everything was great! It was a super-cool experience. (Experience? This is a dream.)

Later the train slowed down, and entered this indoor train station. There were glass booths on the walls with one person in each, I guess they were ticket agents or something. The booths were off the floor though, in the middle of the walls, and the people inside were all looking at me.

When the train stopped, I pressed the REV button, and the train started moving backwards. I started thinking things like, “I might get in trouble for this.” and “I don’t know anything about any other trains coming, or collision danger.”

When I started getting worried, I woke up. Then I wrote what I remembered in a notebook I keep by the bed for that purpose. I didn’t need to look at the notebook to remember the dream though.

Funny thing about dreams, if you wake up, and think you’ll remember, you’ll forget. But if you write it down, you’ll remember and not have to look at the note you wrote. I’ve never read a dream in my notebook and been surprised, you know, not remember writing it down. But also, If I have a dream I think I’ll remember for sure, and don’t write it down, I’ll remember I had a dream I couldn’t forget, but can’t remember what it was.

Have a great Thursday!

February 14, 1966

I remember Valentines Day when I was in the first grade. We were supposed to bring valentines to give out to our classmates. My Mom asked me if I wanted her to buy me some. I said no, we’re supposed to, make them. So I cut hearts out of notebook paper with lines.

The next day at school, I was embarassed, because everyone else had store bought ones, with envelopes and colors. I felt like an idiot.

I used store bought valentines after that.

I guess that was 52 years ago today.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday Tales

It’s Tuesday, tomorrow is the Ash Wednesday holiday here. It will be nice to have a Wednesday off, like a week with two Mondays and two Fridays.

Running late, so I can’t really post my normal entertaining, amazingly humorus post today.

Havva Goodun!

Garmin Vivoactive HR failure #3

My third Garmin Vivo HR died yesterday. Flooded in less than tw feet of water. Supposed to be waterproof to 50 meters. So they kept flooding and garmin keeps sending refurbished units that fail again and again until the warranty expires.

Kinda angry about that this morning. I wasn’t bothered yesterday, but this morning I went for my run and just started thinkin’ ya know? Thinking abut how I got screwed over. THen I start thinking thag everyone screws me over, and before I know it, I’m anfry for nthing and feel lousy.

My wife and I got our Vivos at the same time, her’s hasn’t failed once, mine over and over..

Bring on #4

Boy, This was a long week again.

I am glad it’s Friday! was a week where every day felt like Monday. Nuthin’ too bad, just slow and painful. (My keyboard “O” quit working again, unless I really hammer it)

Ready to scooter work, Then dental this afternoon. Then WEEKEND!!!

I think next week has a Wednesday holiday, Ash Wednesday, That’ll be good.

Coffee’s good today too. (I’m acutely aware of every wrd with an “O” in it, I have to move the cursor back and re-type it…)

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

Noon Hump

It’s Wednesday. Over the hump at noon.

My Mom and sister are coming at the end of the month. I invited them both, one at at a time, but they both decided to come at the same time.

Had a nice run and swim this morning, yesterday my knee was hurting and I just walked, no swim. (Unless I run and get heated and sweaty, it seems too cold to swim in the mornings). This morning was good.

Another day, just like any other day! Hope it’s a good one!

Monday News & Weekend Report

The big news is the Super Bowl. It was spectacular. I went outside at half time and fortunately, didn”t see Justin Bieber at all. It was one of them Justins….

On the BBC this morning, they said it but I can’t find it, As of today, the Berlin Wall has been gone for one day longer than it was up. It was torn down 28 years, so many months and 28 days ago. But like I said, I think that’s what I heard, but I cant find it on their website. But I did find it HERE.

My no sugar month is going well, Mostly I crave snacks, not necessarily sugary ones. I notice no difference physically.

And it’s Monday. Let’s git ‘er done!