Boot Puller with rack

Another Monday. This weekend I made a boot rack with boot puller.

Why? I don’t know.. So we could hang up our yard boots and shoes and maybe spray the mud off them with the hose. My wife says her new rubber boots are too tight and difficult to get off, hence the puler. I’ve seen them before and though they were neat.

Where are we going to keep it? I don’t know. We don’t really have room inside and I don’t really want to keep our boot outside, because of bugs and geckos.. Hopefully the Wife will come up with a solution for that problem..

We had a lot of rain last week and Saturday, I was walking this morning and a lady walking her dog said 11 inches. Sunday was sunny, today is cloudy again.

Not looking forward to work today.

HAve a great week!!!

Happy Friday Closest to Halloween!

Tonight’s Halloween. Tonight we’re putting on out costumes and going to Boogie Nights.

My wife will be sushi, I have a soy sauce t-shirt and will be soy sauce.

Looking forward to it, and getting through the work day today.

Cloudy and rainy today, hope it’s clear tonight!

Have a great weekend!

Very Windy, Lugubrious Day

It is windy, very windy. Totally cloudy and definitely seems like it’s going to rain. The rain, I expected, the wind, I did not.

I want to make a boot rack, My brother in law has what is basically two pieces of wood pounded in the ground and he puts his muddy boots upside down on them. I want to hang my boots upside down too. And my wifes and our yard shoes. I bought a dowell, and a drill bit to drill a hole in wood (for the dowell). When I got home I realized the drill is 1/4th of an inch bigger than the dowell. Wondering if it’s too big, or if I get the smaller bit, will the precisely the same size dowell fit in it….

These are the problems of my life. tuff times.

Have a great day!

I had convinced myself….

That today was Tuesday, while I was sleep-thinking this morning before the alarm went off. Glad it’s Wednesday!

We’re supposed to get some rain.

NHC website isn’t cooperating this morning, Three day forecast isn’t working. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain hard..

I didn’t sleep too well last night, but I feel ok this morning. Set a record for fastest mile on my VivoActive. Again. I was surprised, because it didn’t feel like I was doing too good.

Have a good day.

Iguana Party

Yesterday I saw two iguanas walking on top of a fence.

After I took these pictures, I noticed several more, walking back and forth on the fence. Then they’d climb up to the barb wire and walk back and forth on that. I think it was a Iguana tightrope walking class.

Have a great day!

Monday Report

It was a good weekend. Saturday was rainy and the Wife and I watched all three Madascar movies. Also I cut down a birch tree that the wife wanted cut down. She wanted a mango tree cut down too, but I didn’t cut it. Sunday I mowed the yard and got some sun on our sun deck, while the Wife went to Stingray City. Then last night we went to a friends house and hung out. And that was my weekend.

I seem to notice that the first five days after the weekend that are the hardest.. Is it just me?

Seven Day Photo Challenge: Day 6

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation.”

Hard to believe it’s been six days already on the Seven Day Photo Challenge.

It has not been my morning. First, I woke up early. Then I spilled my blood pressure medicine and had to pick and sort that out.. Then I went outside for my run and it was raining, quite steadily, so I came back upstairs, spilled some coffee and here I sit. Not so bad.

Tomorrow is Friday!

Seven Day Photo Challenge Day 5

Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation.”

Hump Day. For the past several days, I’ve been waking up at 12 midnight, 2 AM and 4 AM. I don’t know why.

Yesterday on my scooter, I got soaked coming back from lunch. I put on mt spare clothes that I’d been keeping at work. There’s supposedly a greater chance of rain today.

I’m driving.