Happy Halloween !

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?

He didn’t have the guts!

What do you get when you take the insides out of a hot dog?

A hollow weenie!

Ha ha hahaha! Happy Halloween! Tune in next year for the same jokes again!

Listen Inside

pics from the weekend above.

It was a long, satisfying weekend . Friday was a nice dinner out, Saturday was an invigorating day with a very challenging yoga class and then beach. Sunday was the usual beach yoga and breakfast and then I came home to meet and introduce a new pet sitter to my dogs.

I thought it would be fine to spend a lazy afternoon at home, And it was. I read and took a nap. But later in the afternoon, I started getting a little antsy. I stayed home, but in hindsight, it would have been ok to change my plans and gone out, for a late lunch or maybe take the dogs to the beach.

I realized that it’s sometimes ok to change a plan, AND I learned that I have been somewhat inflexible, especially with myself (nobody else does what I want anyway! HaHa!). Once I make a decision or plan, I tend to not consider that I can change my mind….

Interesting minor revelation.

Happy Monday , have a fantastic week!

Good Daisy

On this morning’s walk, we encountered theee dog. He kind of headed the other way as soon as he saw us coming, barking in retreat. I stayed calm, telling Daisy “no barking, no pulling, good Daisy” and she was good. She seemed to politely observe him walking away.

Previously, I said he looked like a doberman / German Shepherd mix. On second glance, he’s just a brown mutt dog does not look like a doberman or a German shepherd. Just a West Bay dog. Not even as big as I thought.

Funny, isn’t it?

I’m not saying the problem is resolved between Daisy and the other dog, but today’s encounter was quite different than what was expected and previous encounters.

Yesterday at work was somewhat adventurous. A radio antenna on a vehicle broke and they needed a replacement. I have new radio kits with new antennas, but no spares. So after a few calls, I went and cannibalized one off an old fire truck.

It was fun. Above is me on an old truck and showing a newer truck.

Happy friday! Have a fantastic weekend!


I don’t have a good understanding of HRV. I know it’s the variation in time between one heartbeat and the next. But I don’t understand the balanced / unbalanced versus the “higher score is better” general rule described in many tutorials. Mine remains quite low, I think.


in the images above, the unbalanced portion roughly coincided with my visit to the USA for my high school reunion. Other than that there has been no significant difference in my daily activities or diet that I am aware of to cause this variation.

According to the tutorials, a higher HRV number is better. What does that mean? That there is more variation between hard beats? Why is that better? What does the balanced / unbalanced mean?

I’ve studied it, and it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe you can explain it to me, in a way that a child could understand it.

Thanks, and, Have a great day!

I Think I’m Awake

But I’m Not

Last night, I was lying in bed. I thought I was awake, but part of me knew that I wasn’t. I was trying to do simple three count in three count out breathing and couldn’t do it. It was very difficult. I was trying to NOT think about Daisy and the dog across the street but I could not.

I often wonder why I think I’m awake all night but my sleep monitor shows me as being asleep. It’s because even though I’m asleep, I’m aware. I cannot fully control my thoughts in this state. Counting 1 2 3 was very difficult and I kept making mistakes. Breathing was difficult along with the count. It is a bizarre sensation/state of mind.

and now I’m off to work. I think it’s payday but it might be tomorrow

Have a great day!

The Dog Across The Street

there’s a dog across the street looks like Doberman / German Shepherd mix. Nice dog, I’ve petted him.

The problem is, my dog Daisy hates his guts. When she sees him all tameness and domestication leave her and she is total wildbeast. She will turn and bite anyone or anything. The Daisy we know and love is not in her head when she sees that other dog.

I’ve called the humane society, and they say she needs some training. I am skeptical. Every time she sees that dog I have thought she would bite me.

Last night I laid awake, worried about getting bitten (by Daisy) if we happen to see that dog.

Across the street is the back of a house. The dog stays mostly to the front of the house, so I seldom see him. But lately he’s been coming around more and more. I think there’s some territory war going on out there.

To me, Daisy is the problem the other dog doesn’t get all worked up Daisy goes complete werewolf, no domestication. Insane.

Quiet Rainy Weekend

It was a very quiet weekend . Saturday afternoon was a workshop on meditative breathing and yoga pose alignment. It was quite interesting and seemed too short

During class, I felt like I had a feather in my throat. A tickley cough. By evening, it was a full blown sore throat. I went to bed before 7 on Saturday night and got up after 7 on Sunday. Sunday, it seemed to be a cold. Hopefully now I’m on te upswing from my first Cold in years

Im exhausted after a long, sleepless night.

Ba humbug

Fixthings Friday

Above is the “sunrise” this cloudy morning. Walking the dogs was very quiet , no breeze, no sounds but chickens..

Yesterday afternoon I moved the wifi router downstairs to improve the signal in the apartment. I had to re-open a hole in the drywall to make the cable run U-turn.

This afternoon (or this weekend) I’ll fix the hole and hang the router on the wall downstairs.

Have a great weekend!

Responding To Messages

When I received a message, I respond almost immediately. I must be the only one. Most others take hours, days, or don’t respond at all.

I wonder if people think I’m desperate by replying instantly. I don’t think so. To me, not responding might be kinda rude. It makes me feel unimportant to the person I’m messaging. Of course, a person’s phone is their tool, to use as they wish.

Its still odd, a conversation lasting over days, where the I respond immediately, like a talking conversation, and they reply like they’re mailing a letter snail mail.

What are your thoughts on responding to messages?; Sooner? Or later?

Have a great day!

Windy, Rainy, Lugubrious

I’m lovin’ it!

Its windy, cool, spraying rain. AX is off!

Yesterday, while breezy, wasn’t really cool temperature – wise, but this morning is cool. I wore a jacket on the dog walk with the raincoat on top of that. It was very cozy.

Now I’m headed off to work.

Have a great day!