The Rain We Needed

It is really coming down. Torrential downpour for 15 to 20 minutes, then stop for a while. I walked the dogs this morning and the sea to the north was flat. Not a ripple, not a sound.

I got the fiber hooked up yesterday. Not without a hitch. They called and asked if i could be early, then they were late . Pleasant experience turned unpleasant. Flow can do nothing right.

Ive been wondering, and decided that if I can swim today, i will. Rain or shine.

Have a good day!

Fiber Finally

Finally, after (probably) signing up more than a year ago, I’m getting fiber optic cable to the house.

I’m meeting someone today to run the fiber optic cable from the street into the house. My speed should go from 14 mbs to 80 mbs, which is the plan i chose.

It’s a good day.

Its supposed to rain, but I’m skeptical as the divemasters didn’t seem to know anything about it

Have a great day!

USA Memorial Day

I had a nice weekend. Saturday i took it easy in the morning and swam the 800 meter race in the afternoon. I came in second in my age group, which is good for me. i did it in about 19.minutes 10 seconds, but forgot to stop my monitor at the end. The blue and black pic shows my pace, and you can see when I stopped. It was a rough swim with a waves in the face second half.

Yesterday I did my morning Ashtanga class, then a breakfast and coffee, beach, and cleaned the inside of my car while the dawgies played in the yard.

And today is back to work, no holiday here!

Have a great summer!

My Last Drivers License?

i got my driver’s license renewed yesterday. It now expires in August 2033. I’ll be 73, if i make it that long living, will I make it that long driving?

i find it amusing, seeing the end of my life coming down the road. I just hope it’s quick,.not some long, drawn out illness.

The foot is God, that’d be quick.

Anyway, this is not a morbid post, it’s funny. And it’s FRIDAY! I’ll probably have 3 more 10 year driver’s licenses!

Have a good weekend!

Daisy Disappointment

This morning Daisy destroyed her bed. It was a nice bed. I’m very disappointed in her. Again.

I cleaned up the fluff and threw the bed away. It was completely ripped open. I hope she’ll understand the remaining bed is Lenny’s and not hers.

Yesterday was the retirement lunch party for one of my favorite co-workers, Laurie. When I didn’t know something, and didn’t want anyone to know I didn’t know, I’d ask her. She always knew everything about airports,.

It’s a bittersweet Wednesday. Have a good day!

Maintaining A High Shortage

According to my Garmin Fitness Tracking, I’m “maintaining a high aerobic shortage”. I need to exercise more, apparently

For the past few weeks, I’ve been swimming at least a half mile almost every day (half the days). I guess I have to pick it up. I also have been exercising and diving and yoga. I’m pretty active each and every day.

Maybe I need to get up earlier and start running before I walk the dogs…

Just kidding. Garmin also says I’m physically fit like a 53 year old, and they know my birth date. .

Have a good day!

Typical Monday Post

Happy Monday! This is my first working Monday in 3 weeks. Last two were holidays, Discovery Day and the Kings Coronation.

Above are your typical underwater pictures, pretty vase sponges, a couple of tiny underwater denizens and a squid, then a baby lionfish. Ending with your typical eyeball of conch.

After diving and lunch, i came home and napped and read and finished The Candy House, which i didn’t particularly enjoy. Maybe I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

I didn’t do any of my home projects, again. I’m hot worried about.

And now it’s off to work. Hava great week!


I accidentally bought steel cut oats instead of rolled oats yesterday. My recipe specifies rolled oats. I looked it up and the differences were minor, so I just used the steel cut.

They were good! They are more like chunks than flakes. I noticed this morning that they had soaked up all the milk. But it was good, less mushy, more chewy and tasted differently good.

So, you have my blessing to use steel cut oats instead of rolled oats in my recipe.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!.

Double Disaster

Day before yesterday, I left my coffee cup at work. Yesterday i took my spare. Then I left it at work too.

Dounle Disaster!

This morning I am doing the unthinkable, I’m not making coffee at home and waiting to get to work to have my first cup.

You’re probably thinking “He’ll never make it” and to be honest, I’m having my doubts too. 20 minute drive with no coffee? I doubt it’s ever been attempted before.

If this is my last post, good bye! I love you all! If I make it, then the next time we meet, I shall be a hero! But we’ll all still be equals in my eyes!

I bid you adieu!