Holiday Friday

Today is a Holiday here, and I think I’ve said it before, but the weather is sucking it. Everybody’s whining about the weather, northerners saying it’s still winter not spring. Australians saying it’s still summer not fall. Caribbean-ers saying it’s too cold cloudy and windy.

bikinis in the snow

The weather forecast says it’s supposed to get nice, We’ll see!

I called Planning yesterday, the law is that a single story house can be 10 feet from the property line, a two or more must be 15. She’s building a 1 story, 3 bedroom house, so she’s all legal .


Damp Weather Damper

I should be in a much better mood. I should be looking forward to the weekend that starts in just 9 hours. (Holiday Friday and holiday Monday.) But I’m not. This damp weather is putting a damper on my good mood and my weekend outlook.20130328_064127My view from right here right now.

Also they’re going to start building next door. Over two years ago, I agreed to let them build 10 feet from the property line. Now they’ve changed their plans and I’ve changed my mind. I just want to save the trees that give us privacy on our back porch. Today I have to call the Planning Department and see what can be done, if anything.

The Hump Is Over!

This Wednesday morning, is already over the hump. Because Friday is a holiday, the midweek moment was last night after work. Tomorrow is this weeks last workday for me! Although it doesn’t really seem to matter now, as we have some terrible weather, cloudy and cold wind from the north. Last night it was blowing the furniture on the porch around and the wind knocked Travlin’ Tim off the table and he broke! I fixed him with epoxy and you can’t tell much.

Apparently this wind is supposed to continue FOREVER!


Remember I bought a new Camera? Below is a picture I took of it underwater. It is tiny and takes incredible HD video. Now when I snorkel I have a camera in each hand!
Camera 14MP-9PC I drove the car into work yesterday because of the weather and the traffic was so bad I couldn’t stand it. So today I’m scooterin’ into work, rain or shine.

Have a good day!

Random Photo Post

Not much to post about today. Didn’t sleep much last night, but I’m not tired.

I ran into my friends son yesterday at the gas station. He says he’s supposed to start clearing the lot next door today, and start building a house. Great. Construction. Next door. Now I’m worried about the cats, and the trees.

Below are some random photos, all taken yesterday at lunch.

Mar 25, 2013 0000

Mar 25, 2013 0005 Mar 25, 2013 0003 Mar 25, 2013 0001

Monday Monday

There’s a song from the 60’s or 70’s, a guy sings

“Monday Monday” Then the background vocals go “bla blaaaa.. Blaa bla bla blaaaa”


I just went and looked it up. Monday Monday, the Mammas and Pappas, 1966

[jwplayer mediaid=”9622″]

But just listen to the.”bla blaaaa.. Blaa bla bla blaaaa” parts, and where he says Monday Monday.. That’s how I feel this morning. bla blaaaa.. Blaa bla bla blaaaa

Have a good week.

Sheba Swimming, over/under

[jwplayer mediaid=”9614″]

Saturday The Wife and I took the dogs to the beach. It was quite windy and wavy. I went out snorkeling and Sheba came out to greet me when I came back. I had a camera in each hand and couldn’t “Handle” her, but gave it a shot. Above is a video of Sheba swimming out to see me, and then swimming back towards shore. Ditto didn’t want to have anything to do with the waves and elected to stay safely ashore.

Mar 23, 2013 002

Replacing Google Reader

I guess almost everybody has heard Google will be shutting down it’s Reader July 1

google-reader-shutting-down-Well, I’ve been looking for a replacement. and I think I found it. It’s called Bloglines

bloglinesAt first glance, I thought it was crap, but after you flip the switch circled above, iIt seems to be pretty good, . When you open it for the first time, default is this “Widget View” which shows all these boxes that are not what I want. But at the top of the page is a switch to flip for Reader View. Reader View is good.See picture above.

I exported my subscriptions from Google Reader, and got a ZIP file with a whole bunch of JSON files and one XML. On Bloglines, you’ll see an “Add Content” button. Below that is “Import OPML”. Steer  that to your XML file and it will import all your subscriptions from G Reader. And you can add sites one by one. I’ll help, if you need help, comment or email.

I’ve looked a lot for a Google Reader replacement, I started When I got my own webpage. I started looking again when I got the notification G Reader’d be shutting down. This is the best I could find, and for me, I like it.


The Coolest Thing Ever

v1I think this is one of the coolest things humanity has done or ever and maybe ever will do. I think these four spacecraft, (two Voyagers and two Pioneers), may very well exist longer than the human race itself.

Voyager 1 Probe May Have Left Solar System

Earth’s most distant spacecraft detected a sharp change in the intensity of fast-moving charged particles called cosmic rays, suggesting it had left the outermost reaches of the heliosphere marking the edge of the solar system. “Within just a few days, the heliospheric intensity of trapped radiation decreased, and the cosmic ray intensity went up as you would expect if it exited the heliosphere,” said Bill Webber, professor emeritus of astronomy at New Mexico State University

The scientists still don’t know for sure, however, whether the probe has entered interstellar space or if it remains in a mysterious in-between region Voyager team members first discovered a few months ago.

“It’s outside the normal heliosphere, I would say that,” said Professor Webber.

Article From HERE.

One of my favorite websites where I have been monitoring the Voyagers and the Pioneers is HERE. This website is also the best for getting info on viewing satellites in Earth orbit that you can see with the naked eye EVERY NIGHT! It’s called Heavens Above

Notice To My Readers

I received a notification yesterday that I had a record number of followers for one day on my blog. Second Go.

I haven’t used that blog in months.

The blog you followed is:

This blog, (my only active blog) is and is the only one to follow.

The reason for the confusion is that I use my wordpress account to comment on  wordpress blogs and when you press the “follow” button, it follows the wordpress blog. I tried to add this blog to my wordpress profile, but have been unable.

(On my computer, I’m logged onto Google, which is blogger, and wordpress, which is oddly enough, wordpress. The approproate profile shows up on the comments you receive on your blogs from me.)

Sorry for any confusion. I want comments and readers on this blog.

Seeing The Appeal

Mar 17, 2013 1017 (2)Lately people have been doing this “stand up paddleboarding”. I don’t see the appeal. To me, it doesn’t look like much fun. First time I saw anyone on a kayak, windsurfing or hang gliding or sailing in a sailboat, I thought “Dang, now that looks cool!” But paddleboarding looks slow and boring. You have to have flat calm water and it looks terribly inefficient. On a kayak you can put your back into it and get going as fast as you can. Paddleboarding looks like the challenge is to stand up and paddle at all. Apparently it’s all the new rage, but I don’t see the thrill.

DO you see the thrill?