More Rain

We had some pretty good rain yesterday here at home, finally. I got to use the umbrella while walking Lanny. Hopefully we’ll get still more today and then have a sunny weekend!

Aren’t I demanding?

So,.I’m switched over to GoDaddy. Having some minor problems with tags, the last half seem to be missing, I’m unable to add them back..

Also.I got a call from GoDaddy marketing, for only $4000 dollars a year, they’ll increase my traffic. For what? What is here that anyone would want? I often wonder what my purpose here is, I don’t really have one. This is like a diary, I have no mission and can see no value here.

What am I doing here?

A Little Rain

last night, in my sleep, I heard it rain. This morning my street was dry but apparently it did rain a little. During the day yesterday, it rained hard less than a mile south of my house but nothing here. It didn’t even get cloudy. The good news is, that it can’t not rain forever and it’s gotta rain soon. Hurricane season starts day after tomorrow.

Is Anything Good Good For You?

For months, I was craving some Jamaican Patties. Every day, I drive by the “bakery” and it smells so good….

Finally, the other day, I hadn’t made my Marks Morning Oats typical breakfast so I stopped in and got a couple. A chicken and a bean. (How have you been?) You know what? I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. They both had the same flavour and texture. The only difference was the color. The chicken was more yellow than the refried beans.

Verry very disappointing.

I pretty much have the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch, overnight oats and turkey wraps. I need something else.

Bah! Humbug!

Bird In The Tree

I was just thinking about this type of bird, and the next day, after a long absence, one reappears.

It’s called a White Crown Pigeon, according to the internet. It was much larger than a pigeon though.

Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

Busy Good Weekend

it was a very good, busy, full weekend. Friday I had dinner with some friends from out of town and in town, quite a large group of us went out and had burgers at Sunshine Grill.

Friday daytime, the old tenant moved out of the apartment. Saturday the cleaning lady came and we cleaned the apartment. And Sunday a new tenant moved in. Quite busy.

Saturday was the Butterfield 800 meter Sea swim. Good news and bad news there, the good news is that I came in last place in my age category. The good news is that I came in first place in my age category. I was the only one in my age category.

Saturday night I went to a friend’s birthday party at Hard Rock Cafe. It was very good with lots of food. And people. I don’t think I’ve been there since before covid.

Sunday, I went to beach yoga in the morning, then took Lenny the dog to the beach and to Camana Bay around mid-day, and then went to. Bar B Que in the afternoon.

Now it’s back to work on another Monday.

Have a great week!

The Lost Week

As you know, I switched web hosts. They told me they were done several times. After the umpteenth time, my site quit working. When they got it working, after two days of complaining, it was a week-old version, missing the 18th thru today.


Not much I can do about it, my backup is for the 17th, same as what car back up.

Oh well, I can only get on with my life, try to not let the lost week destroy me!


today is possibly Daisy’s last day here we’ll see how the day pans out. I am very undecided and I am sure I will be regretting my decision whichever it is




101Domain informed me they would quit hosting, so I switched to GoDaddy. The switch is apparently complete, but I have to sign off on it.

Flippy Floppy

Daisy was very good this morning. We walked right past her enemy dog and she didn’t bark or growl. Maybe I should give her more time to get her crap together.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t . Flippy Floppy

Friday It’s Goodbye To Daisy

Daisy has attacked Lenny 2 out of the last three days. On last night’s bedtime walk she was on the leash trying to get to the dog she hates that lives across the street. Last night she crapped half way up and down the staircase.

But she’s part of the family and I feel like still there must be some alternative to letting her go. I pray she finds a good home.