above water and below

Here’s my above water shot, a picture of the eclipse taken by me yesterday . This was almost exactly 2:00 p.m. past the peak. It was mostly cloudy.

Below are some pictures that I took scuba diving on Sunday, day before yesterday.

Above water and below.

Remember there is no line where the sky or outer space starts or ends. When we are above water, we are living in the sky and kinda, outer space.

Have a great day!

Typical Monday Post

It was a nice weekend, seemed long. Friday after work, I dropped my vehicle for service, Had a lazy evening at home.

Saturday I did aomw yard work, and picked my vehicle up in the afternoon.

Sunday went diving, pictures above.

Typical Weekend, Typical post. Nothin’ to see here folks.

Have a great week!

Typical Monday Post

Happy Monday! This is my first working Monday in 3 weeks. Last two were holidays, Discovery Day and the Kings Coronation.

Above are your typical underwater pictures, pretty vase sponges, a couple of tiny underwater denizens and a squid, then a baby lionfish. Ending with your typical eyeball of conch.

After diving and lunch, i came home and napped and read and finished The Candy House, which i didn’t particularly enjoy. Maybe I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

I didn’t do any of my home projects, again. I’m hot worried about.

And now it’s off to work. Hava great week!

Your Monday UW Photos

It’s getting to be a regular thing, Monday underwater pictures. Heres a select few from yesterday.

And HERE’S a link to a short video of the two shrimp, dancing. And HERE’S a link to a short video of an octopus from yesterday. The octopus video s better on a bigger screen.

And now it’s off to work for me. Have a great week!


I had a good snorkel at lunch yesterday . There were squid! Lots of them.

They are amazing creatures. Always changing colors, hovering around, sometimes darting off, seemingly disappearing instantly.

There was lots of other good stuff out there yesterday too.

And now it’s another HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Have a good weekend!

Road Repair (I hope!)

Last night coming home from work, the crooked pothole road around the corner was all graded and looks like time for a re-pave instead of a patch job. Yeay! That will be nice. The equipment is parked in a vacant lot nearby.

an asphalt comb

Had a god lunchtime snorkel yesterday . Not much in the way of pictures tho. Same Flamingo Tongues, but a nice puffer!

Have n enjoyable Wednesday!

Mission Failed

All i planned on doing this weekend was cleaning the house. I failed gloriously. Saturday I went to breakfast with friends, then lunch with a different group of friends, then saw the Batabanu Carnival Parade.

Sunday I went diving then went to a yoga class, and then mowed the yard . Below are some underwater pictures from yesterday.

And now it’s back to work on a Monday and I don’t mind going.

Have a great week like I’m going to have!