Busy Workin’ Weekend

It was a good, got-a-lot-done weekend. I mowed the yard, and did more than the minimum job. I pulled weeds and sprayed week killer. The big project started is repairing the cracks in the driveway and porch.

See the fine crack in the exact center? It’s a typical crack.

Last Thursday, after days of rain, water mysteriously leaked into the new apartment.Pretty bad.

water balloon burst.

There were some other cracks, worse, made when I had some rain gutters put up, but they were just in the corner, and I didn’t think they could leak inside. But probably now, in hindsight, and after more than one second opinion, water did leak through several feet of concrete.

So, I’m trying to fix it. I started on the driveway cracks as practice, then did the porch, now, I’m going to do all the cracks in the driveway. Then re-paint.

Funny, a few months ago, I bought a grinder to cut some tile, since then, I’ve needed that grinder several times. Maybe if I didn’t buy the grinder, I wouldn’t have had the leaks, and never needed it. I almost rented an extension ladder, but ended up just buying one, now I’m looking at how much better I can trim our trees than with just my stepladders…

For me, it’s more true to say “I never need a tool until I buy it” than ” I never buy a tool until I need it.”

Saturday the sife and I went to an event at her old place of work, Guy Harvey Gallery. She was a volunteer bartender and I was a volunteer hanger-outer. And I bought a new pair of shoes. It was really really really nice to hang out with the old team again.

Happy Monday, and have a good week!

Peeling Sunburn

Last weekend, I got a sunburn and now it’s peeling. It’s quite itchy and annoying. At first, it felt like my face was numb, like I had a mask stuck to it. I have to go to work today with face dandruff.

The worst is over now.

I’m glad it’s Friday, and the weather looks like it will be nice too. More sunburn!

Hava good weekend!

I Have Made A Huge ‘Mitsake’

Taken yesterday, after pulling out to go to work. Almost got stuck, and had a hard time avoiding the tree which you can’t see on the left.
Picture taken this morning, after a night of rain. Tree mentioned above visible. This tree broke my review mirror whilst reversing in.

I had some leftover sand from the construction. I also had a low spot in the area where I reverse my car into my parking spot. I put sand into the low area and now have what’s like quicksand. I turn the steering wheel and the vehicle doesn’t turn, which, in hindsight is probably why I busted my mirror on a tree reversing in. And, I almost get stuck pulling in and out.

I’m going to have to dump some gravel on top, or maybe topsoil and have it compacted. It’sa big mess now, A slippery quicksand pit for your car.

Needless to say, it’s rainy this morning, not related to Hurricane Laura.

Have a good day.

Plane in the Rain

Back to work today. Yesterday, it was rainy and windy but the flight wasn’t bad. Below is a picture of our plane, in the rain. That rhymes!

At home, reversing in my parking spot, I busted my mirror on my van. On a tree. I fixed it with epoxy, but still. It really upset me.

And when we got home, the cat box was stinking intolerably. We won’t be using those cat-sitters anymore.

Vacation undone.

Here’s a picture I took of the Cayman Brac lighthouse that I’m quite fond of.

Have a good week!

Ruff Ride Home (possibly)

We’re headed home this morning, hopefully. Might be a rough ride, possibly. Tropical Storm Laura is north of us.

We’re in Cayman Brac, headed to Grand Cayman. Hopefully our flight won’t be canceled. Hopefully it WILL be canceled. This has been a great trip…

First Brac Morning

Above is the first picture I have taken on our trip. Actually, it’s the second, I took this one last night.

Getting here was a real fiasco. We were supposed to leave at 4:20 but were delayed about 3 hours, waiting.on an inbound flight from La Ceiba carrying perishables. Now, Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac is about a 20 minute flight. The La Ceiba plane could have easily just flown to the Brac. We were at the airport already and the inbound flight was still on the ground in Honduras, a much longer flight that ours.

But that’s all water under the bridge, the.sun is shining and it looks like a much better day than we’d be having on Grand Cayman.

It’s good to be here!

Little Dry Corner

Headed to Cayman Brac today for a weekend holiday. But look! At the bottom green where the two storms intersect, There’s the Cayman Islands, tucked away in a dry, sunny corner!

I hope.

Have a great weekend!

CYB Tomorrow

Tomorrow we head to Cayman Brac for a four day “vacation”. I’m looking forward to an airplane ride!

We had our first new covid cases yesterday.

Cayman Marl Road is kinda like a rumor news source. You can find it if you look on the Google.

We had some good rain the last couple of days. Plus it’s that time of year when the storms line up and take aim, like inebriated dart throwers in a pub.

storms lined up.

See above paragraph about vacation in Cayman Brac…

Have a good day!