Greatest Post Ever!

Yesterday, again, I had an idea for today’s great post. The little voice said “you better write it down, you’ll forget.” The big voice replied “Not this time this one’s too good to forget!”

Well, guess what? The topic was so good it couldn’t be contained by the human mind. It is forgotten.

There was a really good rain this morning. I checked my ex- leaky, fixed-by-me, gutter and it seemed to be not leaking. So that’s good.

The news this morning said Facebook reported a decline in traffic and their stocks are down. People are leaving.Tomorrow is FRIDAY. I hope there’s good weather so I can go diving!

Multi Media


School of fish , from which the barracuda eats



Above are pics from lunchtime yesterday. I wonder if it’s the same school of  fish and the same barracuda from previous posts.

I (sometimes) take pictures, mostly I want to put them here, but sometimes I post them on Facebook, then I feel like I’m repeating myself by posting them here. Plagiarism of me by me. 

I passed my final real estate test yesterday. Now we’ll see what’s next.

I don’t have much to say today. Kinda woke up and didn’t sleep too well after 2.

Very Good Day Indeed

Yesterday two of my best friends joined Facebook and sent me a friend request. One, I knew where he was, his brother has been on Facebook for a long time. My friend was just one of those “anti-computer” dudes.

The other one is a friend from the Navy who had completely disappeared. I had been looking for him, and/or his son, for years.


I rekkon I better get my Christmas shopping done either today or tomorrow, what do you think? Wait till tomorrow?

Hava Goodun!

Time To Lighten Up

After my heavily political posts for the last two days, I think it’s time to lighten up with a simple photo post. Here’s a couple pictures of a couple birds that I took when I went to see my Wife at lunch yesterday.Jun 11, 2013 002 Jun 11, 2013 001

We got some new bird books, I could probably look them up and find the type.


Have a happy hump day!

I’m Official

My Six month evaluation went well, and I am no longer on probation. I am a regular employee. That means I can take vacation and sick time. I also had my working hours adjusted, now my hours are 8 till 4:30 instead of 8:30 – 5. It will help with the traffic situation a little.

I was walking the dogs this morning, thinking that I don’t have much to post about lately, that I’m dipping through a period of poor blog attitude. Not so much a poor attitude, but a blight of topics. I need to take more pictures, because, as you know, pictures make the post!

I put a radio in the bathroom, and when I wake up and shave, I’ve been listening to BBC World Have Your Say and on Facebook HERE. This morning they were talking about “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”> This 14 year old boy in Saudi Arabia stabbed his friend in a fight 10 years ago and the victim was paralyzed from the waist down. The punishment is to be paralyzed from the waist down. I could not imagine the horror of going to the doctor to be paralyzed.  Although I have had repeat dreams where I reported to my old boss and was surprised to find she expected me to be cheerfully executed.

Anyway, such topics are not the purpose of this blog.

Today is hump day. I am looking forward to the weekend already. I want to go diving.

Internet, like Water and Food

Un F- Believably, our internet went down Saturday night. Called the provider, went through the phone rigamarole, they gotta come over. Of course. Didn’t I just go through this? Don’t I have a new modem?

When the internet went down, I was checking out the Facebook buttons I added, and was working on Twitter. I was waiting for a page to load, when The Wife said, “Is the internet down?” Sho nuff, twas. I don’t know how long it woulda taken me to notice. It must have just gone down seconds before she started using her computer.

So anyway Sunday with no internet was kinda noticeable.  No internet, no NFL football. We went to the brother and sister in laws for part of the day, but still missed the internet while at home. It’s kid of a constant thing, phone, tablet, computer, TV, all hooked up to the internet.. It’s become a must-have item. The title of this post post mentions food and water, but internet access is more like air, something I need whenever I want it.

I could go on and on, but I’m posting this from work, a habit I DO NOT want to get into.

But here’s a photo from work, just outside my door in the afternoon, eerie shadows.

Have a good week!