It only makes me laugh

I had a 401K with my company before I moved down here. I rolled it over to a CD when I left. I was watching it, and in a few short years it grew from $32k to almost 100k. I was waiting for it to hit a hundred.
Then George Bush got elected (George Bush getting elected, NOT Sept 11, 2001) and it dropped back down to almost 32. Almost the same as I started with.
Then over the years it slowly grew back to almost $80k.
Now it’s going to drop again, surely less than I started with.
Funny, a mason jar buried in the back yard would have yielded more than my IRA.

Nautel FM V5

For the past three days, I’ve been being trained on the Nautel FM V5 transmitter. We installed it a couple of months ago, but the purchase price included training, so the factory rep came down here and went through each module and greatly increased my knowledge. I have an older Nautel too, a Nautel FM5.
Our competition has Harris Transmitters in my same transmitter room and I tell you, they’re real pieces of shit. Nautel is going to kick their asses in the future.

This training is also partly why I’ve been a little slack on my posting this week.

Relationship Deterioration

The relationship between Ditto and Sheba is deteriorating. Ditto is less and less willing to put up with her shit.
A common scenario is Ditto walking through the house, fast, with Sheba on his tail. She just bugs him and bugs him like she wants to play all the time. If we pay any attention to Ditto, she comes and gets between us and Ditto.
We give them both a treat, Sheba eats hers fast, then tries to get his.

That’s what happened last night, and Ditto wouldn’t have any of it.
They got into a fight–for real. It’s becoming more and more common.
I was breaking them up and Sheba hit me on the wrist. It’s the first time I’ve ever been bitten and it drew blood.
Sheba seems to be non-trainable. She thinks she has to do what she is told only when she wants to. She just acts deaf when it suits her. Or, as another example, I teach her not to jump up on me, but the minute we have guests, she jumps up on them. I teach her ‘no jumping’, and she thinks jumping is OK, just not on me. She can’t get the point.
I want to get rid of her but the OI Girl wants to keep her, so we’ll keep her. Part of me wants to keep her too.
She is just so constantly annoying to me and Ditto. She won’t let anybody rest.
For a week we’ve been keeping her in the kennel in the daytime. She should be getting out of the kennel, not just going in. Proof of worsening behavior.

I don’t know what to say. It’s not like teaching her to sit or something, it’s teaching her to exist minute to minute without pissing everybody off.

Sheba The Werewolf

I have this bench/lounge bed that I made for outside out of old scaffolding. It is the only thing that Sheba regularly chews. Day before yesterday I came home and found more missing chunks and Sheba acting guilty. I put her if front of the damage, showed her the wood chunks and told her NO! With a whack on the ass.
I know she knows, because she acts guilty and she won’t come because she knows what I want to talk to her about.
Yesterday afternoon I came home and it was worse than ever. She had chewed that bench from end to end. Maybe she thinks I’m telling her to chew more?
Yesterday afternoon I got the kennel from downstairs.
I had my doubts the OI Girl could get Sheba in there before she went to worrk.

She said Sheba walked right in.

Maybe she’s like someone who know they will become a werewolf when the moon gets full, “Lock me up so I won’t chew the bench!”

My name is Mud

I picked some equipment for our new studios. The manufacturer said it would work like I wanted it to. The parts supply guy said it would work too. I got it and now it can’t work. The same guy who told me it would work now says it can’t.
I can blame them but in the end, it’s my fault.


This morning I was exhausted before I even left the house. Sheba is a pig. Give them both treats, She’ll eat hers, then go for Dittos. Ditto won’t have any of it, this morning they got into a real dogfight, bigtime. The OI Girl was still sleeping, she woke up. Not a nice wake up.
I felt like stopping on the way to work, just to take a break!