Day before yesterday

Went to the beach Sunday, almost as soon as we got there it started raining. We came home and it was sunny again. We had lunch at Subway then did yard work.

Localized Thunderstorm
Catamaran in the heavy rain down the beach a-ways. It wasn’t raining on us yet.

Shark Break

I added a shark widget in my sidebar. It is theraputic to play with sharks. Just move your mouse over the box.

I haven’t been posting much lately. I have been busy at work and the wife thinks I spend too much time on the computer at home.

A rare day (lets keep it that way!)

Although it has been raining a lot lately, it is usually clear at night, sunny in the mornings and clouds up in the afternoon. Last night it started raining and rained all night. It’s still raining. Actually it’s good for a little while. Its a good drenching rain.
It was fun riding my scooter into work this morning!

rainy pics from just now


I woke up in a kind of bad mood today. Deja Vu. I had weird dreams about work.

Last night was a friends surprise birthday party, a youngster, only 40.
But going to a party on Monday made it feel like a Friday, so to wake up to a Tuesday is somewhat disappointing.
Here’s a few pictures, the theme is ‘Zoom Lens’


Cow pic I took from my roof

A boat that looks like it can handle it.

Sunday Pic Post

It’s been a rainy weekend, should be improving today, just in time for work tomorrow.

180 degree view from the roof, North on the left, South on the RightDitto the Monster atop the spiral stairs
Sheba stuck inside because of the rain


Normal Dog
Abnormal Dog, with toy
Bottom of a lizard on the window at night
Another Lizard wearing concrete galoshes at Smiths Cove. Rasta lizard likes Reggae

It is finally the weekend. It was a long week. Above are pics from the week.

Blogger VS Facebook


It seems a lot of Bloggers are neglecting their blog because of Facebook. (I’ve been neglecting my blog because of work, just FYI) But I have come to the opinion that Facebook can’t be beat for finding old friends, However, Blogger is better for meeting new people. You find an active blog, visit it regularly and comment, pretty soon they are commenting on your blog. Pretty soon you know what is going on in each others lives. Pretty soon one of them goes to visit the other. I’ve had several bloggers visit me, and visited others. But no Facebookers. Facebook you don’t allow them onto your friends list if you don’t know them.

Blogger RULES!