One Day and a wake up!

Tomorrow we go to Florida!
I am looking forward to a few days off the island.

Yesterday We went to the beach and it was nice and sunny. We could see the clouds passing. Later in the afternoon, we could see to the south a big cloudbank, with no blue behind it. Even though it was still sunny where we were, we left. Five minutes after we left, it started raining-hard.
It’s been raining ever since.
Not sure if we’re getting rain from “The system” or some of the “Bunch of Crap” from yesterdays post, but it don’t really matter to me. It’s gonna be a wet cold ride into work this morning.

It's SUN Day

I hope we get a little sun. There’s weather all around us. It was sunny yesterday, but was supposed to be rainy. There is a system south that has been supposed to move north and come get us for a week but hasn’t yet. Now there’s a bunch of crap to the east that’s moving our way. Even though it looks clear on this map, it’s been raining every afternoon. Except yesterday, when the wife had to work!
Hope it stays nice today!


Thank God It’s Saturday!
All I have to do is go to work Monday and then Tuesday it’s FLORIDA! (USA)

Yesterday I was at the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. It was pretty good and I think I found a metal roof for my front porch. Although I didn’t take a picture of it.

Good Night!

Last night was one in a million for sleeping. Even though I was asleep, I was aware and could watch my dreams like TV. I had good dreams. I don’t remember them, but I remember the pleasantness of them.

Today I rekkon I’ll be working a little late, not too bad. Then Tuesday I go to the US for theFort Lauderdale Boat Show! My wife is going for work, and I am tagging along for the cost of airfare!

What Today?

What am I going to post about today?
I found a slideshow about swine flu, but if I posted it, it would be like posting 18 pictures.
Basically all it says is that you have a better chance of drowning in the bathtub than catching swine flu. More people have always died because of the regular flu, and basically the big push and publicity is because Donald Rumsfeld owns the company that makes the vaccine. And apparently George Bush spent over a billion on bird flu and swine flu..
It says there is a lot more money to be made by pushing swine flu and bird flu vaccines, and there’s no money in fighting TB or AIDS.
More people die from murders and car crashes than swine flu.
And drowning in bathtubs.

Jason and Vicki

After dating for a long time, Jason and Vicki got married on Little Cayman this weekend. It was a nice wedding and there was good weather for the ceremony, it rained before and after pretty much all weekend. Our filght was delayed coming back. We were supposed to leave at 8:20 am and left about 3:30 PM, missing work and getting home after 5.
Now it’s back to work.

Hot Bikini Babe

I was having lunch by the pool in Little Cayman and I noticed this hot babe staring at me. She was a little thin.
Hot babes like this don’t want anything to do with you if you’re single, but once you get married, they’re all over the place, leering at you! She just stared at me the whole time I was eating, quite rude, actually!


We found a replacement dawgsitter! She’s watched Ditto before, now I’m worried about Sheba and her instead of Ditto and the other lady!
Just put me on the plane!



This weekend we are supposed to go to Little Cayman for a wedding.
The lady who was supposed to watch the dogs backed out. She’s the lady who saw Ditto when he was loose and saw him eat the chicken. (See two posts down)
The wife wants to put both dogs in a kennel for the weekend. I don’t think Ditto can handle a kennel. He will be wildman all weekend, trying to bite everybody. He won’t understand. He is a widman even at the vets office if I’m not there. The way Ditto views the world is that I am in charge, if I’m (or the wife) is not there, he’s the boss and he’s not taking orders from anybody.

The options are, not go, or kennel them and hope for the best.


I feel pretty good today, don’t ask me why.
After work yesterday I thought it was Tuesday already, Monday seemed like two days in one!

It started raining in the middle of the night and looks pretty cloudy today.

I need some sunny weather for my beach lunch today.

Below is a nearly completed condo right next to the Marriott on Seven Mile Beach. You buy one and I’ll look after it for you when you’re not here.