Brexit Begins

Not much Brexit in the news these past months, but according to the BBC Radio, today at noon UK time, (about right now), the Parliment will take down the EU flag, and will be out of he EU. It’s only phase 1 and other steps like border controls and trade differences will take place later.

If, right now, the UK changed their mind and wanted to stay in the EU, they’d have to re-apply, just like a country that was never in the EU.

Doubt this will have much effect on Cayman, but it’s been interesting to follow.

Finally Friday, after a long week. Wife gets back from Costa Rica today.

Have a good weekend!

Detailed Sun Images

I saw this picture yesterday and stopped to take a look. It is an ultra closeup of our sun. The article yesterday said each “granule” was the size of Texas. I didn’t realize it was new untill I heard the BBC Radio talking about this morning.

I found an article with video, It is definitely worth a read. Very very cool stuff. Especially the video.

The BBC said the dark edges are cooler material sinking and the yellow centers are hotter material rising.

Wife comes back from Costa Rica tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Yesterday in Cayman we had an earthquake. I felt it quite strongly. It was a smooth, rolling wavy earthquake, not the normal, much more violent vibratory, rattling, shaking earthquake. It was I think the fourth earthquake I’ve experienced in my life so far.

It had a tremendous effect on water in pools and cisterns. The water sloshing in the work cictern was the loudest thing, and I heard several stories about how water jumped out of swimming pools.

Below is a video stolen from Facebook at the Water Authoriity, generators and providers of fresh water for probably more than half the island. I think it’s very interesting. Give the cameraman a minute to quit spazzing out.

And there were several sinkholes reported too, the (also stolen from Facebook) video below shows the Westin Casurina Hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

I had no damage at home, and as far as I know, none at work. I haven’t heard of any of my friends reporting damage. I did see some pictures of cracked buildings in town.

And remember this?

Have a great Wednesday and good day!


this morning

Morning. When the alarm went off this morning, I was dreaming it had already gone off and I was almost ready to head out to work. WTF? I was almost ready and now I have to start all over? Not fair.

It was a good weekend, good weather. I didn”t do any of my chores, just relaxed. Maybe I’ll get something done after work this week…

Maybe not.

We’ll see how it goes, day by day.

Have a great week!

Dawg Beach Day

Quick post today, took the dogs to the beach yesterday and they had a good time. Below is a video. I thought about replacing the audio, because the camera is in an underwater housing, but decided not to. I might later.

Daisy was eating horse poop and when we got home she was farting, farting farting. Seemed to be no other ill effects though…

Today is a holiday here, I can either go to the beach or do yardwork and paint… I choose the former.

Have a great week!

Outta Control Friday

This morning I’m sitting on the front porch instead of the back. Outta control. I don’t know why I don’t do this more. The sun rises on the front porch, everybody knows it.

Yesterday they cleared the bush off the vaacant lot next door. (Hope they aren’t planning on building) Now Daisy the dawg sees new things never seen before and she’s growling and wants to bark. Damaging the morning peace and serenity.

The early morning sound of West Bay in the Cayman Islands is, I think, unique to the world. Hundreds of roosters crowing, with like a 3D effect, They’re all different distances apart sounding. The sound of a rooster really travels well, accoustically speaking. And if you’re on the phone and a rooster crows, the person you can talk to will hear if perfectly.

Yesterday I stopped by the drug store, and saw this:

What’s it for? Witches brew? Poor kitties too.

Have a great weekend!

Standby With Sandwiches

The wife isgoing to Costa Rica today, so stand by with the sandwiches. If you don’t hear from me according to my regular broadcast schedule, assistance may be required!

Still incredibly cold here, colder than yesterday, but the sky looks clear so far and maybe the sun will heat things up a bit today.

I think Lenny and Daisy are improving, behavior-wise still lots to gripe about, but they are improving. Below is a pic taken this morning.

Heartwarming, isn’t it? Don’t be fooled, they’re just ACTING like they’re cute. There’s still plenty of rambunctiousness in them.

Have a great day, and stand by with those sammiches!

Big Time Cold

Howling Arctic breezes continue to blow across the Cayman Islands this morning as Florida issues frozen iguana shower warnings.

Had some wind damage when I got home from work yesterday. Out poinsetta ( a Christmas plant, which, as you know, only blooms in the harshest winter conditions) was blown over by the relentless frozen winds.

But I fixed it,

I’m pretty sure work’s gonna be cancelled today. Snow Day! Just waiting for the call.

Stay warm!

Electrical Weekend

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend. I’m sitting here in the semi-light, trying to think of a post to post.

I had a good weekend, swapped the sunburned outdoor electrical covers on the front and back porch. And the outlets. One had broken and three of the other four were damaged from age and use. Had a helluva time with one cover and one outlet. Everything is held in place by metal electrical boxes that were installed when they poured the concrete. One screwhole had rusted away completely. I ended up making a new hole in epoxy.

The I couldn’t get the GFI outlet to stay set. It was working, then it quit. The problem was in another outlet down the line. I was glad to finally get it working.

Speaking of elecrical, the re-drawn plans for the addition that were supposed to go in last Wednesday didn’t go in, and they’re supposed to go in today. Fingers crossed.

Went to the beach with the wife yesterday, it was cloudy mostly, but had a good snorkel.

And now it’s back to work on after what seems like a very short weekend.

And it was hard to wake up this morning too.

Have a great week.