New Camera Arrived

The new camera arrived, it is awesome! It can connect to my phone or tablet and the device can be a remote control for the camera. There’s tons  more features I have to learn.
My first picture was of my wife. I had the controls set to “A”, which I thought was auto, but was aperture  priority, so it was a little dark.


Here’s one of the baby mangos, as big as the end of your pinky right now.


Here’s one of me, using the tablet to control the camera


I look so old…

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. Stayed up till12:30. My scooter is in the shop so I have to take the bus to work. I gotta go, right now!

Flight Check


This week at work is our annual flight check. Technicians come in their plane and fly around and measure our equipment from the air. That’s what is  going on this week.

I Discovered Velcro


I discovered Velcro. I didn’t invent it, but I discovered it.

It was 1965 or 66, I lived in Rockville, Maryland. I had this rug in my room. It was the color of pencil eraser. It had a rectangular “stain” about one inch by three, from where I dropped a gluey rubber tank tread for a model – glue side down – on that rug.

I remember how certain types of fabric would stick to that rug. I remember pulling them off, with that velcro sound, over and over. I thought “this is pretty cool”. I never imagined it could be a valuable invention.

I lived in Rockville for kindergarten and first grade, 5 and 6 years old.

And that’s my post for today. It should be a Flashback Friday post, but today’s another Monday.

Last night I dreamed I got stuck in a shipwreck while I was scuba diving, but I woke up before I even had a chance to  try to get out. I dropped my camera under some stairs and was wriggling under the railing to try and reach it and got stuck. I also dreamed that some electronic equipment was off the air because something was mis-adjusted. I thought I did it but couldn’t remember doing it. Weird dreams… ice cream before bed theory?

Have a good week!

We’re All Here…

Because we’re not all there


It doesn’t feel like Friday. Glad it is though.

Seems like I’ve not been getting along with people the last couple of days. first I thought it was them but maybe it’s me…

Have a good week-end!



Woke up at 3:55, got up and went back to bed. Then when the alarm went off, I was in the deepest sleep possible.

It’s so dang annoying to try and feed the cats while the chickens try to steal their food. I stand there with a stick and poke them away. I hit a chicken once and her cry of pain was so heartbreaking that I vowed to never hit another in anger. Now I poke poke poke like an idiot.

RE my post the other day about feeding chickens, I will continue to feed Pearl only, and any other chicken that will come eat out of my hand. I think that’ll be only Pearl.

Work was tough yesterday, I just didn’t want to be there. I just felt like walking out all day. Hopefully today will be better. Yesterday was cloudy. I think I’ll feel better if it’s sunny.

I want a new camera. My wife says I’m camera obsessed. I don’t think so, I bought the one I have now because the one before that broke. This newest one has everything I want and should be the camera to end all cameras.


Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS40

It’s not out yet, so I’m still thinking about it.

I’m late, I gotta git goin’! Have a good day!

News You May Have Missed

In Nigeria, terrorists pulled up to a high school and kidnapped all the girls. 190 girls missing for over a week now. Read article HERE. Not much about this on the US news media, wonder what it would be like if something like that happened in the USA?


NYPD Public relations stunt goes wrong: The New York Police tried to improve their image by inviting Tweeters to post pics of themselves with a NY Police Officer. They expected pictures of pretty girls standing next to burly handsome police officers. They got thousands and thousands of new pictures of Police violence. Read an article about it HERE. On Twitter, the hashtag is #mynypd .


Wonder if a PR person got fired for this?

Have a good day.

Cruel Bastard

Dear Readers
I decided to quit feeding the chickens. First there was just Pearl, then she had chicks and then there was her plus three.


Now she’s coming around with 11 chickies she expects me to feed. That brings the  total to 15. Plus any minute the first three are going to start laying eggs and bringing there broods around too.


So call me cruel, call me heartless, but we can’t keep giving them cat food. It’s the start of a never ending process.
Sincerely yours,
Cruel Bastard

Happy 9th Birthday!


Today is my blogs 9th birthday. 9 years ago I thought I’d look up blogging and see what it was. I had been hearing the word a lot and wondered… “Blog, what a steeeeupid sounding word..”
I’m still at it.

First Ever News From Twitter


For the first time ever, I got a piece of news first from Twitter.Korea Ferry Sinks Sinking. I saw it on Twitter and went to read more at the BBC website – nothing. Then I went to Google – nothing. Then back to the BBC and the story was there. For the first time, Twitter wins for quick news!

I also saw the US Scareways porno Tweet…

We’re over the hump. Friday is a holiday, to this is mid week for me. C’mon weekend!

I thought It was Wednesday

I woke up thinking it was Wednesday.
Tired this morning. Stayed up till 11:30 last night, went to a Passover Seder.
Sneezing and stuffy this morning.
Didn’t see the Red Moon last night, although I would have liked to.
I can’t post today, too much brain damage