Got it sorted.

Got things sorted with the OI Girl. We talked last night and it went well. I m very happy.
Happy it’s Friday too.
This is a pic of the moon I took a couple of nights ago. I put the camera up to my binoculars.
Please click it so you can see it!

Trouble on the home front

The OI Girl and I were supposed to get married on Cayman Brac May 9th. Hurricane Paloma wrecked the hotel. The hotel was supposed to be fixed in time for the wedding. On her trip to Miami last weekend, the OI Girl found out the hotel wasn’t going to be ready in time. She kind of planned the wedding in Costa Rica with her relatives while she was in Miami. She was mad at me because she didn’t know what I wanted for our Costa Rica wedding. She said she felt like she was in it by herself. Night before last she hit me with it hard. Just like old times with the EX wife.
We had the whole thing planned out for Cayman Brac, she thinks she can completely change the plans without talking to me about it, then get mad when I don’t agree?

I thought about it for a day, and told her last night that anything we both don’t agree on 100%, then it’s no deal, I told her I don’t want to get married in Costa Rica.

I also told her I wanted a preunptial agreement concerning my two houses. There’s too much old stuff in that conversation night before last. The planning everything without consulting me, the cutting off of my family, who can come here on a drivers license but will need a passport to go to CR. The trying to hound me and force me into getting married in CR. The guilt trip saying she felt like she was in it all by herself. That I didn’t tell her ‘Good Luck’ when she went to find a wedding dress.

She made a phone call, then she wouldn’t get married with a prenup. Then she left. I called her girlfriend and was told she was on her way over there to spend the night.

Here’s a fact, it’s a joke but true. “A man marries a woman, hoping she’ll stay the same and she changes. A woman marries a man, hoping he’ll change and he stays the same.”

Bizarre Dream

Last night I dreamed I was dead.
I went to an outside broadcast for work, the event started and finished. When it was over, I realized I forgot to send it back to the station.
There were a lot of people there, dressed weird and weird looking. (Think ‘Michael Jacksons “Thriller” video).
They told me I couldn’t send the signal back to the station because I was dead, like they all were. I said I wasn’t dead and they assured me I was.
It wasn’t sad or scary, everyone was happy and fooling around and telling jokes.
I said I had to go to the bathroom, and someone told me it was upstairs down the hall and there was a sign that said ‘The White Room’ above the door.
I went upstairs and I was walking and walking down a long long hall, there were tons of weird looking people wearing weird clothes walking down the hall too. I was ready to give up on the bathroom, when I saw it, the sign that said “The White Room’. I went in, and the place was crowded. I walked around the edge of the room, looking for an empty stall but they were all full, and I could see gleaming eyes looking out through the crack of each one, like the people in there were scared and hiding.
Finally I peed in a urinal and left. There were a lot of people, standing around the bathroom, talking and joking and happy seeming. I walked around the crowd, out the door and back down the (all white) hall I came up before and headed back to where I started from.
Downstairs from the long hall, where the hall met the room, there were stairs with two steps, a right turn and a door, leading to the room. I walked down the steps, took the right and opened the door and I was back at the top of the two steps again. I went down again, opened the door, and again found myself back at the top of the two steps. This happened several times in my dream, then there was laughter and a voice saying they were just messing with me. I went down the stairs again, took the right, through the door and was back in the room I started in. It reminds me of an old west saloon.
I said I was leaving and I went outside with a whole group coming with me. I walked past my radio equipment, thinking how worthless it was here, wondering if I could use the telephone interface to communicate with the people who were still alive.
I went out to my Jeep and the people with me said the engine wouldn’t start, because I was dead. I said I was going to try anyway. I turned the key and the engine started, but I couldn’t breathe. I had the window open and my head out the window, but I still couldn’t breathe. I turned off the engine and I could breathe again.
I got out of my car and looked around. The ground was muddy, and the leaves were brown on the trees. It was a gray light day. gloomy, but everyone was happy and joking and there was a good vibe in the air.
Also, you could see the ghosts of the trees. You could see like a transparent image of every tree that ever lived on that spot. Even indoors, you could see clearish trees standing where they stood before someone cut them down to build the structure. You could see all the trees that were ever there ever. You could walk right through them, and you wouldn’t even notice them in the room unless you looked especially for them, but they were there, the ghosts of the trees.
It was like we were in the same time and place as the living, but we couldn’t see them and they couldn’t see us. Everyone was wearing the clothes they were wearing when they died, that’s why a lot of people had on weird looking clothes. All the people who had ever died were where I was.
Everyone seemed happy, except the ones hiding in the bathroom stalls, they seemed terrified. Everyone was joking, and everyone got along great.
It was one of my weirdest dreams. And I remember it vividly. Even when I woke up, I knew that I would remember it.

Bad Timing

Late yesterday afternoon I picked up the OI Girl at the airport, back from Miami. Brought her home and slapped two ribeyes on the grill. When I pulled them off the grill, work called, emergency, and I had to go to work. It was more than two hours before I got home. She was almost asleep and I was exhaustificated. The worst timing.

Stewart Woods

I read this book, Orchid Blues in one sitting (with a sleep break in the middle) this weekend. It was pretty good to read, it was exciting and interesting. The characters are good. And I’ve read several of his books already.
My only problem with the book is nobody seemed concerned about the obvious leak in presidential security, it was just omitted. Maybe I missed something.

Poor Me!

Another Friday. Long weekend.
I dropped the OI Girl at the airport this morning, she’s gone to Miami to buy her wedding dress. She’s meeting her Mom, Cousin (who’s getting married in March) and her Aunt. They will have a good time I am sure. I’ll be here all by myself. Starving and lonely.

And here’s a good video to watch:
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Blogger Visit Success

Well, it went off without a hitch yesterday, Mike called, we went to lunch and he’s a pretty cool guy. He said he has a new blog, but will update his old one with a link to the new one.

His wife and the rest of his family was out snorkeling so I didn’t get to meet them. His son was really cool, a very big boy compared to the pics on his Dads blog from February.

Time warp

The weekend went too fast. Yesterday, I got up early and was puttering around the house and after a while I thought it was about 8:00 AM. I looked at my watch and it was almost lunchtime.

The whole weekend did that.